Indicator Dynamic trend matrix

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This dynam­ic trend matrix analy­ses the cur­rent devel­op­ment of a price, move­ment strength, its speed and accel­er­a­tion. Move­ment direc­tion on the whole time frame range (M1-MN) is deter­mined on these data. The move­ment depth is deter­mined through RSI (Rel­a­tive Strength Index), the AC indi­ca­tor (Acceleration/Deceleration) helps to deter­mine the cur­rent move­ment speed and analy­ses its accel­er­a­tion or decel­er­a­tion.

Dynam­ic trend matrix allows you to quick­ly eval­u­ate and objec­tive­ly get an idea about the nature of move­ments in the mar­ket. Will help you eas­i­ly iden­ti­fy entry and exit points, show­ing you the whole pic­ture of what is hap­pen­ing in the non-stop mode.

The RSI line: a val­ue and a col­or indi­cate the cur­rent depth of the trend. For exam­ple, red 4 means a strong trend.

The AC line: a val­ue and a col­or indi­cate the cur­rent dynam­ics of the trend.

The Trend line shows the direc­tion and the move­ment strength of the cur­rent trend.

This line can have fol­low­ing mark­ings:

  • bold hor­i­zon­tal arrow: atten­tion! Move­ment may begin accord­ing to the arrow col­or (red — down, green — up).
  • thin arrow at the angle of 45 degrees: green up arrow — upward move­ment begin­ning, red down arrow — down­ward move­ment begin­ning.
  • bold up or down arrow at the angle of 45 degrees: the move­ment gath­ers speed.
  • bold up or down arrow: sta­ble trend in the arrow direc­tion.
  • gray cir­cle: no move­ment. Flat.
  • trans­par­ent arrow indi­cates prob­a­ble rever­sal on the cur­rent time frame.

Indicator Parameters

  • font­Size - size of the matrix ele­ments. Can be 14–20.
  • Period_Ind — the indi­ca­tor peri­od.
  • Screen_corner — bind­ing to a def­i­nite cor­ner. Can be 1–4.
  • uptrendsig­nal  - col­or of the up trend sig­nal.
  • down­trendsig­nal - col­or of the down trend sig­nal.
  • text­Col­or - the indi­ca­tor text col­or.


Dynamic trend matrix 

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