Indicator Mt5 Classic PivotPoints

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The Clas­sic Piv­ot Points indi­ca­tor is ful­ly con­fig­urable and can be adjust­ed to work in dif­fer­ent ways. If you are a man­u­al trad­er and pre­fer a clean chart, you can con­fig­ure the indi­ca­tor so that it only draws piv­ot points for the cur­rent ses­sion. Oth­er­wise if you are devel­op­ing an expert advi­sor that uses piv­ot points, you can con­fig­ure the indi­ca­tor to show his­tor­i­cal piv­ot points as well.

Anoth­er unique fea­ture of this indi­ca­tor is that, when cal­cu­lat­ing dai­ly piv­ots, it is pos­si­ble to set a cus­tom start time for the day. Instead of cal­cu­lat­ing piv­ots using the usu­al 00:00 to 23:59 time peri­od, you can set a cus­tom start time for the day. For exam­ple if you choose a start time of 17:00 the indi­ca­tor will cal­cu­late the piv­ots by regard­ing the bar at 17:00 as the open time of the dai­ly ses­sion and bar at 16:59 (the next day) as the clos­ing bar of the day.

It is also pos­si­ble to choose whether to dis­play his­tor­i­cal piv­ot point val­ues in the data win­dow.

Indi­ca­tor input para­me­ters :

Set­Time­Frame — sets the time frame from which the piv­ot points will be cal­cu­lat­ed.
Show­Val­uesIn­DataWin­dow — either set to true or false, this para­me­ter sets whether to show the piv­ot val­ues in the data win­dow.
Show­Me­di­ans — (true/false) the para­me­ter only has effect when the ShowHis­tor­i­calIndi­ca­tor­Val­uesOn­Chart para­me­ter is set to FALSE, if set to true, the medi­an lines between the piv­ot, resis­tance and sup­port val­ues will be drawn.
Use­Cus­tom­Start­Time — (true/false) please note that this fea­ture only works when Set­Time­Frame is set to the dai­ly time frame.
Start­Time — input the cus­tom start time in the for­mat shown i.e, hh:mm, of course this para­me­ter has effect only if the Use­Cus­tom­Start­Time val­ue is set to true.
ShowHis­tor­i­calIndi­ca­tor­Val­uesOn­Chart — (YES/NO) this para­me­ter is for choos­ing whether to draw his­tor­i­cal piv­ot val­ues on the chart. In order to dis­play piv­ots for the cur­rent ses­sion only set this val­ue to NO.
pcol­or — set col­or for piv­ot point.
scol­or — set col­or for all sup­port lev­els.
rcol­or — set col­or for all resis­tance lev­els.
medi­ans­col­or — set col­or for all medi­an val­ues.
NB. Note that when set­ting the Start­Time val­ue, it must cor­re­spond with the open time of any bar on the cur­rent chart. For exam­ple, you can­not set a Start­Time of 17:30 if the indi­ca­tor is applied to the Hourly chart, as there is no bar that opens at that time on this chart.

Mt5 Classic PivotPoints 

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