Indicator PivotHighLow

Buy PivotHighLow customer indicator in the store selling algo trading systems


Uni­ver­sal busi­ness tool from pro­fes­sion­al traders that helps to visu­al­ize inter­est mar­ket sit­u­a­tions. It pre­views mar­kets using a price action and sen­ti­ment in the mar­ket. Tool is nec­es­sary to under­stand the mar­ket sit­u­a­tion and the antic­i­pa­tion of fur­ther move­ment. Final­ly, you will see how traders esti­mate the mar­ket.

With this tool, you will see impor­tant sup­ports and resis­tances. It shows you the entry of big play­ers on the mar­ket.

The indi­ca­tor works on all time­frames. You are not lim­it­ed by use of dif­fer­ent time­frames, the indi­ca­tor is able to adapt. On the screen­shots, you can see dif­fer­ent views of the PivotH­igh­Low indi­ca­tor and entrances to the mar­ket. The indi­ca­tor con­tains basic set­tings. Please keep in mind that the use of more bars for cal­cu­la­tion may lead to the pro­gram slow­down.

Final­ly, you will see the entry of big play­ers in the mar­ket!

It is not pos­si­ble to man­u­al­ly draw all PivotH­igh­Low on all mar­kets you trade!


  • MaxBarsPivot=500 “ indi­ca­tor shows PivotHigh/Low 500 bars back
  • High­Col­or “ col­or of high Piv­ot
  • Low­Col­or “ col­or of low Piv­ot
  • LineWidth=2 “ line width


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