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The indi­ca­tor shows behav­ior of 7 instru­ments from a giv­en point (date/time) in a deposit cur­ren­cy or per­cent­age terms. The indi­ca­tor vivid­ly dis­plays absolute or rel­a­tive change of instru­ments rel­a­tive­ly to each oth­er. We can decide upon enter­ing a trade on the basis of these data. For exam­ple, if major­i­ty of instru­ments has moved to one direc­tion, there is a high prob­a­bil­i­ty that the move­ment will con­tin­ue in this direc­tion.

Indicator input parameters

  • start­From ” ref­er­ence point. Set as “date time”, for exam­ple (“20.02.2015 00:00”);
  • show­Be­fore ” show the indi­ca­tor’s data before the ref­er­ence point. Can take fol­low­ing val­ues: (false|true);
  • spread1 ” sym­bol 1 or set of sym­bols. Can take val­ues as a for­mu­la ([-EURUSD{0.4}][+GBPUSD{0.3}] or [+GBPUSD{0.3}]) where (+|-) means (BUY|SELL) sym­bol {lot};
  • spread2 ” sym­bol 2 or set of sym­bols;
  • spread3 ” sym­bol 3 or set of sym­bols;
  • spread4 ” sym­bol 4 or set of sym­bols;
  • spread5 ” sym­bol 5 or set of sym­bols;
  • spread6 ” sym­bol 6 or set of sym­bols;
  • spread7 ” sym­bol 7 or set of sym­bols;
  • cal­cIn­Perc ” cal­cu­late in % or a deposit cur­ren­cy. Can take fol­low­ing val­ues: (false|true);
  • post­fix ” if a sym­bol has a “tail”, for exam­ple EURUSD.lmx, you have to spec­i­fy “.lmx”;
  • barsCal­cu­late ” bar amount lim­i­ta­tion for cal­cu­la­tion, for exam­ple 4000 (will be visu­al­ized till 4000 bars);
  • smooth = 2; ” indi­ca­tor’s smooth­ing by MA.

Portfolio Indicator 

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