Indicator Risk Reward Ratio

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Invest­ment in the cap­i­tal mar­kets is risky. Some of trans­ac­tions are clos­ing with loss, so very impor­tant thing is to con­trol risk. There are many tools for risk con­trol­ling. One of them is Risk Reward Ratio indi­ca­tor.

It is used by many investors to com­pare the expect­ed returns of an invest­ment to the amount of risk under­tak­en to cap­ture these returns. This ratio is cal­cu­lat­ed math­e­mat­i­cal­ly by divid­ing the amount he or she stands to lose if the price moves in the unex­pect­ed direc­tion (i.e. the risk) by the amount of prof­it the trad­er expects to make when the posi­tion is closed (i.e. the reward).

Using this indi­ca­tor, you can check how much your risk is rel­a­tive to the prof­it you can get.

Risk Reward Ratio 

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