Indicator Sideways Market Statistical Analyzer MT5

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Introduction to Sideways Market Statistical Analyzer

Notable peri­od of Low volatil­i­ty and non-trend­ing move­ments in the finan­cial mar­ket is con­sid­ered as Side­ways Mar­ket. Soon­er or lat­er, the low volatil­i­ty will increase and the price will pick up a trend after Side­ways Mar­ket. In terms of trad­ing point of view, Side­ways Mar­ket can serve as the very good entry tim­ing for traders. Side­ways Mar­ket is also quite often the rep­re­sen­ta­tion of accu­mu­la­tion of large orders from big investors. There­fore, know­ing the pres­ence of Side­ways Mar­ket can help you to decide good entry and exit tim­ing.

Tra­di­tion­al­ly, the Aver­age Direc­tion­al Index (ADX) indi­ca­tor or mov­ing aver­age of stan­dard devi­a­tion indi­ca­tors was used to rough­ly deter­mine the pres­ence of Side­ways Mar­ket. How­ev­er, both of the indi­ca­tors are lag­ging with very low cor­re­la­tion with future price move­ment. They will not pro­vide you clear idea on when the Side­ways Mar­ket start­ed and when it ends. Miss­ing all these impor­tant infor­ma­tion leaves traders with a very uncer­tain pic­ture on the cur­rent mar­ket sit­u­a­tion.

Here we have very accu­rate Side­ways Mar­ket Ana­lyz­er inspired by the sta­tis­ti­cal the­o­ry. Indeed, this Side­ways Mar­ket Sta­tis­ti­cal Ana­lyz­er can detect Side­ways Mar­ket just like human eyes can do. In addi­tion, this Side­ways Mar­ket Sta­tis­ti­cal Ana­lyz­er will imme­di­ate­ly pro­vide the expect­ed trad­ing out­come when you trade with the detect­ed Side­ways Mar­ket. There­fore, you will know how much profits/loss you should expect when you trade with the detect­ed Side­ways Mar­ket. Based on 9 month back­test­ing results, you can expect 300 pips to 1 000 pips each month when you trade with this Side­ways Mar­ket Sta­tis­ti­cal Ana­lyz­er.

In terms of trad­ing sig­nal, you open a buy order when the price hits the top of the Side­ways and you open a sell order when the price hits the bot­tom of the detect­ed Side­ways Box. Side­way Mar­ket Ana­lyz­er pro­vides you with a fixed stop loss and take prof­it lev­els. Side­ways Mar­ket Sta­tis­ti­cal Ana­lyz­er works well for most of the cur­ren­cy pairs. Here are some back­test­ing results for 9 month peri­od on five cur­ren­cy pairs. Trad­ing five cur­ren­cy pairs, you could expect 300 pips to 1 000 pips each month. These trad­ing results are pure­ly based on the assump­tion that you open buy and sell orders when the Side­ways Mar­ket is detect­ed with­out look­ing at any oth­er indi­ca­tors. Of course, by mak­ing addi­tion­al judge­ment using oth­er tech­ni­cal indi­ca­tors, you can remove bad trades and increase your prof­its even fur­ther.

Sym­bol Cut Prob­a­bil­i­ty Box Buffer Pips Take Prof­it Lot Mul­ti­pli­er Total Net Pip gains (9 month) Month­ly Pip Gains
AUDCAD  0.26  2  3.2  1.6 1 519.00 159.89
GBPUSD  0.16  0  2.4  1.6 1 607.60 169.22
ERUUSD  0.34  0  1.4  1.6 1 684.00 177.26
EURJPY  0.43  0  2.6  1.6 1 550.30 163.19
EURAUD  0.30  7  2.4  1.6 3 316.20 349.07
 Sum 9 677.10   1 018.64

For XAUUSD (Gold), Cut Prob­a­bil­i­ty = 0.15, Box Buffer Pips =0, Take Prof­it = 1.3, Lot Mul­ti­pli­er = 1.6 return the total Net Pip gains of 27 265 pips dur­ing 9 month peri­od and Month­ly pip gains is 2 870 pips. So, it works very well for Gold, too.

Important Trading Parameters

  • Cut Prob­a­bil­i­ty “ you can enter from 0.01 to 0.99. The val­ue will most­ly stay between 0.05 and 0.5. This cut prob­a­bil­i­ty is the cri­te­ria to qual­i­fy the Side­ways Move­ment of the cur­rent group of can­dle bars based on the prob­a­bil­i­ty dis­tri­b­u­tion.
  • Box Buffer Pips “ you can enter from 0 to 100. The val­ue will most­ly stay between 0 and 10. The pip val­ue is the off­set dis­tance from the detect­ed Side­ways Mar­ket. This will be rep­re­sent­ed by the long hor­i­zon­tal line above and below the detect­ed Side­ways Mar­ket on your chart. This line can be used as the trig­ger point for your buy and sell orders.
  • Take Prof­it Ratio “ the Ratio of your take prof­it pips/box height. The val­ue will most­ly stay between 1 and 3. 1 indi­cates that your take prof­it’s pips are equal to the height of the box.
  • Lot Mul­ti­pli­er “ Lot Mul­ti­pli­er is used when your pre­vi­ous trad­ing hits stop loss. The val­ue will most­ly stay between 1.5 and 2.0. It is rec­om­mend­ed to use the val­ue less than 1.7.

Perfectly compatible with Harmonic Pattern Plus and Price Breakout Pattern Scanner

Just like Har­mon­ic Pat­tern Plus and Price Break­out Pat­terns Scan­ner can be com­bined togeth­er for superb results, Side­ways Mar­ket Sta­tis­ti­cal Ana­lyz­er can be com­bined with any of these two tools. All three tools can even be com­bined together. I found that Side­ways Mar­ket is often detect­ed at the same time as big har­mon­ic pat­terns and break­out pat­terns. When they form togeth­er, the pre­dic­tion pow­er of such a pat­tern is high­ly accurate. In this web page, I show you how these pat­terns work togeth­er to form your own ulti­mate trad­ing strat­e­gy.

Sideways Market Statistical Analyzer MT5

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