Indicator SignalFinder One Timeframe Demo

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Sig­nalFind­er One Time­frame is a mul­ti­c­ur­ren­cy indi­ca­tor sim­i­lar to Sig­nalFind­er. On a sin­gle chart it dis­plays trend direc­tion on the cur­rent­ly select time­frame of sev­er­al cur­ren­cy pairs. The trend direc­tion is dis­played on spec­i­fied bars.

Main Fea­tures:

  • The indi­ca­tor is installed on a sin­gle chart.
  • The trend is detect­ed on a select­ed bar.
  • This ver­sion is opti­mized to decrease the resource con­sump­tion.
  • Intu­itive and sim­ple inter­face.
This a demo ver­sion of Sig­nalFind­er One Time­frame.
It dis­plays 30% of infor­ma­tion only.

Input Para­me­ters:

  • Sym­bols — cur­ren­cy pairs (dupli­cates are delet­ed).
  • Bars — num­bers of bars to detect trends (dupli­cates are delet­ed).
  • Rank­ing — enable/disable rank­ing.

Rank­ing is sort­ing cur­ren­cy pairs on the basis of the sta­bil­i­ty of a sig­nal. Cal­cu­la­tion in a row is done from right to left.

Cur­ren­cy pairs and time frames are sep­a­rat­ed by com­ma in the list. If a cur­ren­cy pairs or a time­frame does not exist or spec­i­fied incor­rect­ly, it will be high­light­ed with a crim­son col­or in the table.

The max­i­mum bar num­ber is 99. Val­ues of bars with greater num­bers are not dis­played in the table.

Indi­ca­tor Sig­nals:

  • Blue arrow up — the spec­i­fied can­dle­stick is bull­ish.
  • Red arrow down — the spec­i­fied can­dle­stick is bear­ish.
  • Gray dot — the open price is equal to the close price of the spec­i­fied bar.
  • Yel­low dot — load­ing his­to­ry.
  • Vio­let cross — lim­it­ed in the ver­sion.

SignalFinder One Timeframe Demo 

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