Indicator Universum Cluster Currency

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The Uni­ver­sum Clus­ter Cur­ren­cy indi­ca­tor graph­i­cal­ly shows each cur­ren­cy trend as a line in a sep­a­rate win­dow. The indi­ca­tor can gen­er­ate sig­nals iden­ti­fy­ing begin­ning and end of a trend of one pair or one cur­ren­cy clus­ter, or one syn­thet­ic instru­ment with giv­en para­me­ters such as direc­tion and size of an order.

Com­pre­hen­sive set­up of the time­series analy­sis for a giv­en peri­od of time. You can use it both as the sole and main indi­ca­tor for deter­min­ing a trend, and as an acces­so­ry fil­ter.

Input Parameters

  • Display=“USD,EUR,GBP,CHF,CAD,AUD,NZD,JPY ” Here you spec­i­fy com­ma sep­a­rat­ed cur­ren­cies, which will be dis­played. You can also state a syn­thet­ic instru­ment with direc­tion and size of orders, like: EURGBP+1.0 AUDNZD+1.4 CADCHF‑1.4
  • HistoryBars=120 ” Num­ber of bars to dis­play indi­ca­tor’s lines on the cur­rent time­frame
  • TF=D1 ” Time peri­od for cal­cu­la­tions — min­i­mum is m1, max­i­mum is W1
  • TimeCalc=H1 ” Time­frame for cal­cu­la­tion TF para­me­ter — min­i­mum is m1, max­i­mum is D1. Manda­to­ry require­ment: Time­Calc <= TF
  • Smoothing=0 ” Smooth­ing; not used by default.
  • Info=true ” Enable/disable dis­play of cur­ren­cies names and their dig­i­tal data.
  • Window_Number=1 ” Indi­ca­tor win­dow num­ber. The para­me­ter is applied for cor­rect dis­play of infor­ma­tion if one chart has sev­er­al indi­ca­tors.
  • tex_magic=“cluster” ” Indi­ca­tor text label record­ed to glob­al vari­ables which can be used in Expert Advi­sors
  • MA_period=0 ” Use of Movin­gAv­er­age towards one line: syn­thet­ic clus­ter or one cur­ren­cy. Enabled when MA_period > 0
  • MA_shift=0 ” Movin­gAv­er­age shift
  • MA_method=Simple ” Movin­gAv­er­age method: Sim­ple, Expo­nen­tial, Smoothed, Lin­ear­Weight­ed,
  • MA_price=PRICE_CLOSE ” Apply to: Close, Open, High, Low, Medi­an Price (HL/2), Typ­i­cal Price (HLC/3), Weight­ed Close (HLCC/4)
  • Suff=””, Preff=”” ” these vari­ables enable employ­ment the indi­ca­tor with bro­kers who use suf­fix­es and pre­fix­es in names of cur­ren­cy pairs. For exam­ple, EURUSD_ht, EURUSD.m, EURUS­Df etc.

Colors of currencies clusters lines

  • USD — Aqua (also applied for syn­thet­ic);
  • EUR — Lime;
  • GBP — Oran­geRed;
  • CHF — White;
  • CAD — Yel­low;
  • AUD — Red;
  • NZD — Magen­ta;
  • JPY — DodgerBlue.


  • Make sure that all 28 cur­ren­cy pairs con­tain­ing 8 cur­ren­cies (USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, CAD, AUD, NZD, JPY) are avail­able in the Mar­ket Watch win­dow.
  • Make sure that quo­ta­tions of all pairs of Time­Calc time­frame are loaded.
  • Drag Uni­ver­sum Clus­ter Cur­ren­cy indi­ca­tor from the Nav­i­ga­tor unto the chart and edit input para­me­ters as appro­pri­ate.


  • The indi­ca­tor requires a lot of resources. We rec­om­mend using His­to­ry­Bars = 120 or low­er, TF = D1 or W1, and Time­Calc = H1 dur­ing the trade.
  • We also rec­om­mend TF = D1 and Time­Calc = H1 for medi­um term trad­ing with­in a week.
  • TF = W1 and Time­Calc = H1 or H4 are rec­om­mend­ed for long term trad­ing exceed­ing one week.

We rec­om­mend using an absolute sum of orders sizes which is equal to 1, when spec­i­fy­ing a syn­thet­ic instru­ment in Dis­play. Cal­cu­la­tion will have a small devi­a­tion if you do not adhere to this rec­om­men­da­tion.


The same form of clus­ter indi­ca­tor’s line on dif­fer­ent time­frames for the same clus­ter serves as evi­dence of cor­rect “non-lin­ear” aver­ag­ing. We are talk­ing par­tic­u­lar­ly about the form and time of points where the line of the clus­ter group cross­es the zero line.

P.S. You need 28 cur­ren­cy pairs to ensure the prop­er oper­a­tion of the indi­ca­tor.

Universum Cluster Currency 

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