Library Smart MM

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The library is ded­i­cat­ed for auto­mat­ed cal­cu­la­tion of a lot size depend­ing on prof­it and loss fac­tors of a position.

Tests show that when you use this library an EA prof­itabil­i­ty increas­es twice on the aver­age, and draw­down become a third or twice less.

Importing library functions

#import “\\Market\\Smart MM.ex4”

dou­ble GetSizeLotSmartMM(int risk=10, int sl=10, int persprofit=50, int persloss=50, int kprofit=4, int kloss=6, int mn=0);


  • risk — risk per­cent­age rel­a­tive to the bal­ance in case of max­i­mum amount of los­ing deals
  • sl — stop loss val­ue for 4‑digit quotes in points (this val­ue should exceed 0)
  • per­sprof­it — approx­i­mate per­cent of prof­itable deals.
  • per­sloss — approx­i­mate per­cent of los­ing deals.
  • kprof­it — max­i­mum amount of prof­itable deals in a row.
  • kloss — max­i­mum amount of los­ing deals in a row.
  • mn — mag­ic number.

In order to use library func­tion you need to insert the fol­low­ing code in the EA’s code:

dou­ble lot = GetSizeLotSmartMM(10, 10, 50, 50, 4, 6, 0);

The screen­shot 1 shows results of test­ing using a fixed lot.

The screen­shot 2 shows results of test­ing using Smart MM with para­me­ters of the first EA.

Smart MM 

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