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Expert Advisor Reward for Effort

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About the System:

Reward for Effort is an automatic trending system based on proprietary methods of trend identification simultaneously on 5 timeframes: M1, M5, M15, H4, D1. Reward for Effort is provided by the proprietary 15 speed dynamic trailing stop mechanism, which is able to give control to the adjustable Parabolic SAR indicator, which receives data from the active working time frame D1. Primarily, the first order is modified only then the control is passed on Parabolic SAR. (more…)

Expert Advisor CAP Saifan Trading EA

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CAP Saifan Trading EA is a fully automated Expert Advisor for Forex trading that uses range breakouts strategy. This EA is designed to trade EUR/USD which implements a complete and fully-functional trading strategy. This EA will need a good broker with small spread to work successfully.

The EA works on H1. The best results are achieved on EURUSD. It is recommended to use a low spread broker and a VPS. You can start using it with $100 only.


Expert Advisor Skier

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If a certain number of candles in a row (candles parameter) has bigger size than specified in distance parameter, the EA understands that the market is highly volatile and starts working.

Filling is applied. Filling step is set in points in Step parameter. Recommended timeframe is Н1, works with major currency pairs. (more…)

Expert Advisor Black Raven

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This is a trend scalper which determines the most probable trend direction via behavior of prices (ratio of High-Low to Open-Close) on a certain number of bars which precede to the trade opening.

The EA controls total amount of profit/loss via virtual stop loss and take profit. (more…)

Expert Advisor Virtual Collider Manual USDCHF

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Virtual Collider Manual is a trading assistant with a built-in panel for manual trading. It automatically moves a position opened by a trader in profit using innovative adaptive grid algorithm of averaging.

Know-how of the grid algorithm of averaging of the Virtual Collider Manual trading robot is based on fully automatic adaptation of all characteristics of dynamically build order grid with actual price movement with no need for adjusting any parameters, and also it. automatically calculates necessary target profit. (more…)

Expert Advisor FOREX TREND 2 0

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FOREX TREND 2.0 is a universal multi-currency EA which automatically determines a trend and can reverse at any moment and follow this trend. The EA works on any timeframe and currency pair. News and market situation do not matter. Trading is performed both during flat and along a trend. The EA does not require optimization and control. Parameters by default are adjusted for medium-term and long-term trading. (more…)

Expert Advisor Reactive

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Reactive works here and now. It enters a position during strong momentums analyzing principle of price and volume changes. I also added two algorithms of momentum search:

  1. Explosion Trigger. This algorithm depends on a timeframe. It has intelligently chosen anchor point for analysis which excludes big losses during strong differently directed movement. But it may lead to omission of some attractive trades.
  2. Movement Line. This algorithm allows to enter at the very beginning of a large momentum. It does not depend on a timeframe but is more sensitive to a broker's actions, spread, etc. though it has better profit factor.

Expert Advisor Martingale EnvBBmacd

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Martingale EnvBBmacd EA trades using the signals of the following indicators: Envelopes, Bollinger Bands (BB), Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD) and Simple Moving Average (SMA).

It enters the market on receiving signals from Env, BB, MACD and SMA and considering the selected mode. The orders are closed by MACD signal managing the profit of each open position, or by stop loss. The Stop Loss level for the first and next orders is set according to the selected mode: daily timeframe with a specified step or using Env and BB indicators' parameters. (more…)

Expert Advisor Nitrino

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The EA is based on analysis of price movement. Does not use Martingale, grid, pyramiding and other high-risk strategies. Stop loss and take profit is placed on every trade. The first stop loss modification represents a breakeven level, then trailing stop starts working by points till it covers a distance specified in the TrailingStop setting. After the price covers the TrailingStop distance, Hi-Low trailing by extrema of previous bars starts. Specify a timeframe and a number of bars in the EA's settings to look for extrema. Switching trailing stop provides an effective way to increase profit. VSP is required for flawless operation, minimum deposit is 1000 units of the base currency. Recommended timeframe is H1-H4. (more…)

Expert Advisor Time to trade

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The EA places pending orders at N-distance from a current price in prescribed time and weekday. You can choose a type of pending orders in the EA's settings: STOP or LIMIT. Orders are opened according to server time. An hour and a minute of opening must be specified. Set liftime of pending orders (expiration). Orders are removed upon the expiration of this time. (more…)

Expert Advisor GOLD PEMA

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Expert Advisor developed for GOLD based on PSAR EMA and pending orders with trailing stop

Backtested more than 7 years on tick data with 99 % quality modulation. In screenshots attached robustness test monte carlo analysis with 200 simulations

I recommended broker with small spread and slippage, for example Pepperston. (more…)

Expert Advisor Beginner Hedge

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This is a hedging EA based on the efficient hedging strategy. It enters trades in the direction of a momentum using Parabolic SAR. The product works on any timeframe with any currency pair. It is based on the efficient hedging technique. The trading robot opens a hedge sequence with a 40 pips distance between orders and an 80 pips SL. (more…)

Expert Advisor ROME LevelsHunter

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Strategy Description

  • The Expert Advisor is designed for a smooth increase of capital without large drawdowns.
  • No need in a large initial deposit.
  • Its simple strategy ensures the reliability and transparency of trades, simplifies testing and optimization.
  • The EA uses a trend following system based on the breakthrough of trade levels.
  • Does not use Martingale. Not resource demanding.
  • Trades on the D1 timeframe
  • Optimized for EURUSD (more…)


Buy MATHEMATICIAN Expert Advisor in the store selling algo trading systems

Forex is a mere mathematics. Those who calculate better an faster will have profit, and of course you cannot compete in calculation with a robot. All technical indicators are based on mathematical fundamentals. Using accurate price values for a certain period they produce some values. The problem resides in the fact that almost all indicators generate delayed signals and probably you should not rely only upon them. (more…)

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