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The infor­ma­tion pan­el dis­plays infor­ma­tion about the price approach­ing sig­nif­i­cant sup­port and resis­tance lev­els, or trend chan­nels.

Lan­guage is set auto­mat­i­cal­ly depend­ing on the ter­mi­nal inter­face lan­guage (English/Russian). The pan­el con­sists of three sec­tions: an infor­ma­tion pan­el, a trad­ing pan­el, and a chan­nel con­trol pan­el. The infor­ma­tion pan­el and the trad­ing pan­el can be turned off. Loca­tion of the pan­els on the screen can be changed. To move a pan­el, dou­ble click on it (clock/name of the chan­nel pan­el), then drag the select­ed item to the desired posi­tion of the win­dow.

The chan­nel con­trol pan­el is used for:

  • set­ting the sup­port and resis­tance lev­els, as well as trend chan­nels in the manual/automatic mode;
  • dis­abling dis­play of notifications/disabling sound alerts;
  • for a dig­i­tal dis­play of price to the set chan­nels.

But­tons “Win­dow”, “Sound”. When a price approach­es the lev­els, a noti­fi­ca­tion is dis­played on the screen. (The noti­fi­ca­tion con­tains the time, cur­ren­cy pair, price inside, “pips to”, lev­el name). Dis­play of noti­fi­ca­tions can be dis­abled by press­ing the “Win­dow” but­ton. The sound alert is dis­abled by press­ing the “Sound” but­ton.

But­tons “Resis­tance”, “Sup­port” are used for man­u­al set­ting of the appro­pri­ate lev­els. To set the lev­els, click on the appro­pri­ate but­ton. After the lev­els appear on the chart, select them and move to the desired val­ue. If you need to delete the set lev­els, press/unpress the appro­pri­ate but­ton.

But­tons “TP line 1”, “TP line 2” are used for man­u­al chan­nel set­ting. You can enable only one line. To set the line, click on the appro­pri­ate but­ton. After the line appears, select it and drag to the desired area hold­ing the select­ed points. If you need to delete a line, press/unpress the appro­pri­ate but­ton.

But­ton “Chan­nel Trend” is used for auto­mat­ic set­ting of the trend chan­nel. To set a chan­nel, click on the but­ton. A trend chan­nel is shown for the cur­rent time­frame. To delete a chan­nel, press/unpress the appro­pri­ate but­ton.

But­ton “Chan­nel Range” auto­mat­i­cal­ly sets support/resistance lines. To set a chan­nel, click on the but­ton. The chan­nel is pre­served for all time­frames. To delete a chan­nel, press/unpress the appro­pri­ate but­ton.

Indicator Parameters

  • Part 1 ” the main sym­bol and trad­ing set­tings.
  • Infor­ma­tion pan­el ” enable/disable the infor­ma­tion pan­el.
  • Trad­ing pan­el ” enable/disable the trad­ing pan­el.
  • Col­or pan­els ” the col­or of the pan­el head­ers on/off.
  • Font size ” font size of the text in the pan­els.
  • Part 2 ” account details.
  • Clock ” clock on/off.
  • Hold­er ” own­er on/off.
  • Bro­ker ” bro­ker on/off.
  • Spread ” spread on/off.
  • Lever­age ” lever­age on/off.
  • Account ” account on/off.
  • Cur­ren­cy ” cur­ren­cy on/off.
  • Serv­er ” serv­er on/off.
  • Col­or clock ” col­or of the clock (select).
  • Col­or let­ters ” col­or of the let­ters (select).
  • Part 3 ” trad­ing details.
  • From the open­ing ” pips since day open­ing on/off.
  • Bal­ance ” bal­ance on/off.
  • Equi­ty ” equi­ty on/off.
  • Free mar­gin ” free mar­gin on/off.
  • Mar­gin lev­el ” mar­gin lev­el on/off.
  • Сommission ” com­mis­sion on/off.
  • Buy ” buy on/off.
  • Sell ” sell on/off.
  • Total ” total on/off.
  • Col­or let­ters ” the col­or of the clock let­ters (select).
  • Part 4 ” line set­tings.
  • Col­or lines ” the col­or of the lines (select).
  • Weight lines ” the weight of the lines (select).
  • Style lines ” the style of the lines (select).
  • Col­or chan­nel lines ” the col­or of the chan­nel lines (select).
  • Weight chan­nel lines ” the weight of the chan­nel lines (select).
  • Style chan­nel lines ” the style of the chan­nel lines (select).
  • Size fig­ures ” the size of fig­ures (select).
  • Col­or fig­ures ” the col­or of fig­ures (select).
  • Pips alert ” pips. When this val­ue is left from the price to a line, a noti­fi­ca­tion appears (select).

Corvus ind 

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