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Buy Easy Order DEMO trading application in the store of automated robot systems

Easy Order is an Expert Advi­sor allow­ing you to enter any type of trade with one click based on your RISK preferences.

  • You can choose to enter a trade and auto­mat­i­cal­ly cal­cu­late your lot size based on how much of your account you want to risk.
  • Risk is cal­cu­lat­ed based on your Stop Loss placement.
  • You can use a fixed lot size if you don’t want to use risk based cal­cu­la­tion of lot size.
  • Your pre­vi­ous set­ting of risk based or fixed lot size remains saved for your next use of this Expert Advisor.
  • This Expert Advi­sor is great when using in com­bi­na­tion with Meta­Trader’s One-Click Trad­ing function.
  • You can min­i­mize your Easy Order pan­el when­ev­er you want.
  • You will nev­er again have to cal­cu­late your pip val­ue and deter­mine your lot size man­u­al­ly based on how much of your account you want to risk!

This Expert Advi­sor is an essen­tial tool for a good mon­ey man­age­ment and at the same time it’s not clut­tered with bunch of unnec­es­sary options, which makes it extreme­ly easy to use.

My pref­er­ence is to open Nav­i­ga­tor in the Ter­mi­nal by press­ing Ctrl+N, right click on Easy Order EA and Set hotkey. For exam­ple, Ctrl+E. That way you can enter any trade in the mat­ter of sec­onds, just by press­ing your hotkey and choos­ing type of trade that you want.

  • You have to check Allow Auto Trad­ing when attach­ing Easy Order EA to your chart, or set it glob­al­ly for all EAs by open­ing Options by press­ing Ctrl+O, going to Expert Advi­sors tab, and check­ing Allow auto­mat­ed trad­ing.
  • This is a DEMO ver­sion of Easy Order. In this demo ver­sion you are able to enter a trade only with 20% risk of your account, or with 0.01 fixed lot size. If you want the full ver­sion of Easy Order, you can find it.

Easy Order DEMO

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