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Expert Fx-Secure PRO

The Fx-Secure PRo EA is a semi-auto­mat­ed trad­ing pan­el which enabled a trad­er to man­age trad­ing posi­tions in a rapid and effi­cient man­ner. Suit­able for almost any trad­ing sys­tem. Fx-Secure PRo helps the trad­er to man­age and con­trol posi­tions. The EA not only cal­cu­lates trad­ing risk, but also moves posi­tions to breakeven, trails posi­tions (5 types of trail­ing), applies SAFE prin­ci­ple and a host of oth­er things. Using this tool you can open trades accord­ing to your trad­ing sys­tem. And the EA will auto­mat­i­cal­ly lead your posi­tion to your select­ed exit method. Results of open posi­tions is dis­played in the “run­ning let­ters “. Some data can be changed direct­ly on the price chart.

Control Buttons

  • Buy (opens BUY posi­tions)
  • Sell (opens SELL posi­tions)
  • Close ALL (clos­es all open posi­tions)
  • Close BUY (clos­es all BUY posi­tions)
  • Close SELL (clos­es all SELL posi­tions)
  • Oppo­site (opens an oppo­site posi­tion).
  • Reverse (makes Reverse).
  • Par­tial x (clos­es a part of posi­tion).
  • Breakeven (moves all open posi­tions to breakeven).
  • Can­cel TP (can­cels TP of all open posi­tions).
  • Can­cel SL (can­cels SL of all open posi­tions).

Data Block

  • TP: Take­Prof­it
  • SL: Sto­pLoss
  • Lot: Lot­Fixed / Posi­tion vol­ume
  • Risk: Risk % / Risk size cal­cu­lat­ed from the bal­ance, if Risk=0, posi­tions are opened by the fixed lot.
  • %P: Per­cent Prof­it / Prof­it per­cent­age of the bal­ance when all posi­tions of the account will be closed.
  • %L: Per­cent Loss / Loss per­cent­age of the bal­ance when all posi­tions of the account will be closed.
  • $P: Prof­it­ForOut / Prof­it in the deposit cur­ren­cy (all posi­tions of the instru­ment will be closed)
  • $L: Loss­ForOut / Loss in the deposit cur­ren­cy (all posi­tions of the instru­ment will be closed)
  • BEy: Breakeven On/Off / 1 “ applied, 0 “ not applied
  • BEs: Breakeven Start / Breakeven trig­gers when the price pass­es 12 points
  • BEs: Breakeven Prof­it / SL will be moved by 3 points from the open price.
  • TS: Trail­ing Sim­ple / 1‑applied, 0 “ not applied
  • TFC: Trail­ing Frac­tal-Can­dle / 1‑applied
  • F/C: Trail­ing Frac­tal-Can­dle / 0‑fractal, 1‑candle
  • xLots in mar­ket / Num­ber of lots in the mar­ket: Lots of all open posi­tions
  • xLot Oppo­site / Lot of an oppo­site posi­tion
  • Cur­ren­cy pair / Peri­od / Quote
  • SPREAD cur­rent / Min­i­mum / Max­i­mum
  • SO / 100 — Stop Out Account
  • Lan­guage (0‑English, 1‑Cyrillic)
  • Sound (1‑on,0‑off)
  • Sup­port ECN (1‑on,0‑off)
  • AutoMagicNumber/Automated cal­cu­la­tion of mag­ic num­ber (1‑on)
  • Safe / Safe sys­tem (0‑do not apply, 1, 2‑variants)
  • Pak / Coeff. of par­tial clos­ing lot
  • Opk / Coeff. of the oppo­site order lot
  • Lbe / Breakeven line on the price chart (1- on, 0‑off)
  • SAR / Trail­ing by SAR (1- on, 0‑off)
  • ATR/ Trail­ing by ATR (1- on, 0‑off)
  • RL / Run­ning let­ters (1- on,0‑off)
  • RL / Dis­tance in bars to the дае from the cur­rent price (5‑five bars)
  • AI / Account info (1‑show, 0‑hide)
  • PI / Prof­it info (1‑show, 0‑hide)
  • CI / Cur­ren­cy strength indi­ca­tor (1‑show, 0‑hide)
  • T(Trend) / Deter­mine trend by iMFI
  • S(Signal) / Deter­mine sig­nal by iMFI


  • Breakeven func­tion
  • Mag­ic Num­ber func­tion
  • Account infor­ma­tion func­tion
  • Trail­ing Stop func­tion (5 types)
  • Mon­ey Man­age­ment func­tion
  • Take­Prof­it & Sto­pLoss lev­els
  • SAFE Mode
  • Run­ning Let­ters func­tion (RL)
  • Trend-Sig­nal func­tion

See _Fx-Secure PRO_v2.0.doc file for more details

Fx Secure PRO 

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