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This inter­ac­tive con­trol pan­el con­sists of two pan­els, and each of them can be placed in any con­ve­nient parts of your screen not los­ing their fea­tures. You can place any num­ber of any pend­ing orders with a step and a lot vol­ume which cor­re­spond to your trad­ing style. There is a spe­cial con­sis­tent pro­ce­dure for this:

  1. Edit­ing vari­able para­me­ters if nec­es­sary. It includes: 
    • Order place­ment step in points — 10
    • Off­set up (down) for lim­it orders “ 20
    • Num­ber of orders to be placed “ 10
    • Risk of each order open­ing in % of the deposit “ 0.1
  2. After click­ing TAGS but­ton on the select­ed trad­ing direc­tion you will be offered to place a nec­es­sary amount of tags. If every­thing sat­is­fies you, you need to click ORDERS but­ton. If not, click CLEAR button.
  3. The CLEAR but­ton changes its func­tion­al­i­ty into DELETE but­ton after plac­ing orders.
  4. If you click DELETE but­ton, all pend­ing orders of this direc­tion will be delet­ed, and the screen will be cleared out of tags.
  5. You can acti­vate mode of plac­ing pend­ing orders on places of closed orders by click­ing RESTORE ORDER ON LABELS button.
  6. The mode of plac­ing pend­ing orders on places of closed orders, which fol­lows a scheme of cor­re­spon­dence of Buy Lim­it or Buy Stop lev­el with Sell Lim­it or Sell Stop lev­el, is acti­vat­ed by click­ing WITH TYPE CONVERSION button.
  7. Infor­ma­tion about orders appear on the infor­ma­tion pan­el after their place­ment. And after they trig­ger you could man­age your deals. You have a broad range of tools for this purpose: 
    • The Time GMT but­ton is clicked by default, and as a result you can track time of FOREX finan­cial markets;
    • The Con­trol Lines but­ton is clicked by default which allows to use BUY Stop Line, BUY Prof­it Line, SELL Stop Line, SELL Prof­it line to close orders after the price reach­es a cor­re­spon­dent line lev­el and trad­ing direction.
    • If you click TP or SL but­ton with depressed Con­trol Lines but­ton, you can set (+/-) spread, Take Prof­it and Stop Loss in cor­re­spond­ing trad­ing direc­tion accord­ing to lev­els of these lines.
    • +, -, ALL but­tons allow to close orders with pos­i­tive or neg­a­tive trad­ing result, as well as all orders of the trad­ing direction.
  8. The main menu has options of chang­ing a col­or and a width of graph­i­cal objects, and you can also allow (pro­hib­it) to dis­play lines of breakeven lev­els and process your opened orders oth­er than those that have been opened via the pend­ing orders con­trol panel.
  9. The EA CANNOT PROCESS pend­ing orders which have been opened out­side the sys­tem and do not have a cor­re­spond­ing mag­ic num­ber. But they can be processed by our tools after BUY (SELL) orders have been opened for them, if Clos­e­Trades = true.

The inter­face is user friend­ly and does not require addi­tion­al expla­na­tion. So, mod­i­fied parameters:

  • Magic_Number — any num­ber value;
  • restor­ing = true, if we wish to restore orders of the same sta­tus and on the same places after we have opened deals on pend­ing orders and then have close them (with prof­it or loss), false — not to restore orders by tags;
  • trans­former = true, works if restor­ing = true. Orders will be placed by the scheme of BUYSTOPBUYLIMIT, SELLSTOPSELLLIMIT and vice ver­sa depend­ing on a tag loca­tion towards the price. false — not to restore orders by tags with such conversion;
  • con­fir­ma­tion = true, if we wish our selec­tion to ask for con­fir­ma­tion, false — not to ask for con­fir­ma­tion of the select­ed action;
  • Setting_Control_Lines = true; place opened posi­tions con­trol lines — true, false — not to place;
  • Setting_Without_Loss_Lines = true; place breakeven lines — true, false — not to place;

Col­or and width of tags, but­tons and lines are eas­i­ly adjust­ed accord­ing to users’ tastes.

Grids for forex trader 

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