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It works as an EA that places hedg­ing posi­tions auto­mat­i­cal­ly at a spe­cif­ic time. It helps to man­age all types of orders by using but­tons locat­ed on the chart.


  1. Mag­ic Num­ber: the mag­ic num­ber.
  2. Lot: the fixed lot size.
  3. Use Risk Per­cent: True or False (enable/disable mon­ey man­age­ment).
  4. Hedge High­Low Dis­tance: the dis­tance to placed Hedge Low or Hedge High from the cur­rent price.
  5. Pend­ing Dis­tance: the dis­tance for all pend­ing orders.
  6. Place Pend­ing From Last: When is enabled — True, it means that the next order will be placed in dis­tance of X amount of pips from the last order.
  7. Risk: the per­cent­age of the bal­ance to risk on each trade.
  8. Use ST TP: Use Stop Loss and Take Prof­it.
  9. SL: Stop Loss.
  10. TP: Take Prof­it.
  11. Trail: Trail­ing.
  12. BreakEven Start Pips: a lev­el where Stop Loss will be moved.
  13. BreakEven DoPips: the amount of pips secured by Stop Loss.
  14. BreakEven StartPips2: this option is only for a trade that was in a big draw down and Mov­ing Jump­ing Stop Loss (MJSL) was acti­vat­ed. When you set up to 1 pip, the Stop Loss will JUMP to the lev­el of the BreakEven DoPips2.
  15. BreakEven DoPips2: the amount of pips secured by Stop Loss when BreakEven Start Pips2 was on the X lev­el of pips in prof­it.
  16. Trail­ingStop Start: the amount of pips when Trail­ing Stop will be acti­vat­ed.
  17. Trail­ingStop Pips: the dis­tance in pips from the cur­rent price.
  18. Mov­ing Jump­ing Sto­pLoss: the Mov­ing Jump­ing Stop Loss will start to move from the orig­i­nal Stop Loss lev­el only when the option Å“Percent Acti­vate MJSL is acti­vat­ed.
  19. Per­cent Acti­vate MJSL: num­ber of per­cent to acti­vate this option. An exam­ple: Stop Loss was 100 pips, when the trade reached minus 80 pips, and Å“Percent Acti­vate MJSL was set up to 80%, this would be a trig­ger to acti­vate Å“Moving Jump­ing Sto­pLoss to start trail­ing.
  20. MJSL Trail­ing Pips: amount of pips to start trail­ing the option Å“Moving Jump­ing Sto­pLoss. An exam­ple: Å“MJSL Trail­ing Pip­s is set up to 40. When the trade comes back to the lev­el of minus 40 pips, than the Stop Loss will start to move by 1 pip. In our exam­ple the orig­i­nal Stop Loss was 100 pips. When the trans­ac­tion is on minus 39 pips, the Stop Loss will move to minus 99 pips. If the trade recov­ers and is on the lev­el of Å“Break Even Start Pips  , than “BreakEven DoPips2” will secure the trans­ac­tion by mov­ing the Stop Loss at a dis­tance of assigned amount of pips “ spec­i­fied in the option Å“BreakEven DoPips2.
  21. Fri­day Trade Allowed: when set up to True, the EA will be active to trade.
  22. Hedge Trad­ing Time: when set up to True, the EA will open Hedg­ing Mar­ket Orders.
  23. Trade Time A: when set up to True, the EA will start to open trades in the assigned time.
  24. Time A Start: time to start plac­ing orders.
  25. Time A End: no more new orders after this time.
  26. Auto Hedg­ing: it will be open­ing hedge posi­tions non­stop in the assigned time table.
  27. Auto Hedg­ing Wait Min: this option will delay new hedge orders by the X amount of min­utes after last trades were closed. If set up to 15, it means that new orders will be opened when the new 15 min can­dle appears.
  28. New Can­dle Rule: when set up to True, it will open a new order only accord­ing to the “New Can­dle Sec”.
  29. New Can­dle Sec: it is num­ber of sec­onds before new orders will be placed. When pre­vi­ous orders were closed and it is time to open new one, this func­tion will decide when to open new orders. If the “Auto Hedg­ing Wait Min” was set up to 15, the “New Can­dle Rule” was set up to True and the “New Can­dle Sec” was set up to 10, than in this sit­u­a­tion new orders will be placed 10 sec­onds before new 15 min can­dle will appear.
  30. Trade On Time: when set up to True will allow to open orders at the spe­cif­ic time.
  31. Buys Stop Amount: amount of Buy Stop orders.
  32. Sell Lim­it Amount: amount of Sell Lim­it orders.
  33. Buy Now Amount: amount of Buy Now orders.
  34. Sell Now Amount: amount of Sell Now orders.
  35. Buy Lim­it Amount: amount of Buy Lim­it orders.
  36. Sell Stop Amount: amount of Sell Stop orders.
  37. Hedge High Amount: amount of Hedge High orders.
  38. Hedge Amount: amount of Hedge Now orders to be placed.
  39. Hedge Low Amount: amount of Hedge Low orders.
  40. Close All On Time: when set up to True it will close all orders.
  41. Close Time: close all posi­tions.
  42. Order Slip­page: the amount of pips allowed to slip.
  43. Col­ors: the pos­si­bil­i­ty to change the col­ors.

My Best Forex Friend 

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