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ËœmyEn­tryâ„¢ is the high­ly pow­er­ful exten­sion Expert Advi­sor for Ëœmy­Po­si­tionâ„¢ which allows swift and pre­cise Trade Entry. With the click of a but­ton ËœmyEn­tryâ„¢ will imme­di­ate­ly trans­form your trad­ing lev­els pre­vi­ous­ly set with Ëœmy­Po­si­tionâ„¢ into pend­ing orders with the cor­rect posi­tion size.

Per­haps for the first time you can be in total con­trol and remain calm, even in quick and chang­ing mar­kets, as ËœmyEn­tryâ„¢ does all the hard work for you

With the active pend­ing orders wait­ing, you can mod­i­fy your trad­ing lev­els and posi­tion size as often as you wish, because the process is so intu­itive and fast. Exits are equal­ly as easy, either delete your pend­ing orders or close one or both your posi­tions using the ËœmyEn­tryâ„¢ float­ing win­dow, or let your trade com­plete nat­u­ral­ly to the tar­get or stop set.

ËœmyEn­tryâ„¢ will also rec­og­nize any min­i­mum pip dis­tance for pend­ing orders required by your bro­ker and sim­ply enter with a mar­ket order at the cor­rect lev­el (option­al) as required.

ËœmyEn­tryâ„¢ is suit­able for any trad­er, from scalp­ing to posi­tion­al trad­ing, on any time­frame.


  • Enter or Mod­i­fy a trade at a click of a but­ton (mod­i­fi­ca­tion auto­mat­i­cal­ly resizes your posi­tion).
  • Lim­it or stop orders are rec­og­nized auto­mat­i­cal­ly.
  • Places Stops and Tar­gets.
  • Switch to Mar­ket Mode, if cur­rent price is too close to your entry for your bro­ker to allow.
  • Opti­cal feed­back for open trades.
  • Screen Cap­ture trade entry and exit for your doc­u­men­ta­tion.
  • Oper­ates either a one or two part posi­tion.
  • Includes spread: uses the Ask price for buys and Bid price for sells.


myEn­try’ is incred­i­bly fast, intu­itive and easy to use:

NOTE: you must first attach Ëœmy­Po­si­tionâ„¢ indi­ca­tor to use ‘myEn­try’.
  1. Set your trade lev­el with Ëœmy­Po­si­tionâ„¢.
  2. Click Trade — Entry, Stop Loss and Target(s) are placed on the next price tick with the exact lot size.
  3. If you need to mod­i­fy, sim­ply reset your trade lev­els and click Mod­i­fy.
  4. To delete a pend­ing order click Delete.
  5. In an open trade, you can quick­ly close one or both posi­tions through the Close but­tons.


The para­me­ters for myPo­si­tion are easy to use (Defaults in brack­ets)

  • Mag­ic­Num­ber (101)”Alter to a dif­fer­ent num­ber on each chart you attach ‘myEn­try’ to.
  • OpenSlip­page (10)”Maximum slip­page (in points) to tol­er­ate when open­ing the trade.
  • Close Slip­page (50)”Maximum slip­page (in points) to tol­er­ate when clos­ing the trade.
  • TradeAt­tempts (10)”Number of attempts to open a trade if an error is returned from the brokerâ„¢s serv­er.
  • Mar­ke­tOn­In­valid­Stops (true)”Turns mar­ket mode ON or OFF. Use­ful to over­ride your brokerâ„¢s min­i­mum dis­tance to price poli­cies.
  • Screen­Cap­ture­Trades (true)”Save Entry and Exit pic­tures of your trade (Data Fold­er > MQL4 > Files > MTT­Trades).
  • BuyUse­Ask (true)”When buy­ing, use the ask price and not chart price (bid).


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