Panel Olimpia Dragged Trends

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Olimpia Dragged Trends!

  • This dash­board indi­ca­tor is a visu­al tool which rec­og­nizes dragged trends of 28 pairs in a easy-to-read histogram.
  • You will see a group of squares indi­cat­ing the sum and aver­age val­ues of trends of the last “.…” min­utes for each square from L to A in a dragged way.
  • Dragged Way” means that regard­less the hour of the day or opened or closed can­dle it always shows the present and the pastinformation.
  • You can con­fig­ure a sequence of num­bers with val­ues between 1 minute to 2000 min­utes back. (Fibonac­ci sequence of num­bers is set by default)
  • Squares in RED mean short trends, in GREEN squares mean long trends.
  • This tool is based on aver­age pips from dragged min­utes to the present. No indi­ca­tors or any oth­er tools are used for the cal­cu­la­tion in this indicator.
  • What­ev­er your trad­ing style, it’s very impor­tant to know if the price move is a small iso­lat­ed one or if the cor­re­lat­ed pairs move all together.
  • The more sim­i­lar pairs agree, the more the move is real and good for catch­ing some pips.
  • After observ­ing this tool, you will be able to define which sim­i­lar pairs move togeth­er for a strong move.

This tool does­n’t show an entry point. It is a unique chart that shows all pairs and the cur­rent price move in a dragged way.

Indi­ca­tor Parameters

Where to add the Dash in the chart:

  • hor­i­zon­tal­ly: x posi­tion of the dashboard
  • ver­ti­cal­ly: y posi­tion of the dashboard.

Please con­fig­ure the min­utes back for dragged trends:

From the right (DraggedL) to the left (Dragge­dA).

Default val­ues with a Fibonac­ci sequence of min­utes back (Just rec­om­mend­ed to use like that)

  • DraggedL = 8
  • DraggedK = 13
  • DraggedJ = 21
  • Dragge­dI = 34
  • DraggedH = 55
  • DraggedG = 89
  • DraggedF = 144
  • DraggedE = 233
  • DraggedD = 377
  • DraggedC = 610
  • DraggedB = 987
  • Dragge­dA = 1597

Olimpia Dragged Trends 

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