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Expert Advisor Virtual Collider Manual USDCHF

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Virtual Collider Manual is a trading assistant with a built-in panel for manual trading. It automatically moves a position opened by a trader in profit using innovative adaptive grid algorithm of averaging.

Know-how of the grid algorithm of averaging of the Virtual Collider Manual trading robot is based on fully automatic adaptation of all characteristics of dynamically build order grid with actual price movement with no need for adjusting any parameters, and also it. automatically calculates necessary target profit. (more…)

Expert Advisor Moving Average N

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Peculiarity of the modified Moving Average EA is that it is provided with a NEURAL FILTER. We have selected the Moving Average EA as it is a standard expert advisor and provided together with a terminal. Along with the strategy based on moving averages indicators, the neural network is employed, and after learning on the EA's trading signals in the Tester, it can minimize drawdown and increase your profit. (more…)

Expert Advisor MACD EMA nois

Buy MACD EMA nois Expert Advisor in the store selling algo trading systems
The MACD EMA noise Expert Advisor trades by signals of MACD and EMA indicators and is optimized for EURUSD H1 by default. It can be optimized for any instrument and timeframe. The expert advisor also has noise levels per MACD and EMA indicators. Opened positions are closed according to signals of MACD indicator in the profit area, otherwise they are closed by Stop Loss. There is also Break Even function. (more…)

Expert Advisor CloudAtlas

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This EA is built to aid Ichimoku traders who like to follow long trends. It is based on the Ichimoku clouds indicator and is easily optimizable to market conditions, it is built for H4 timeframe because Ichimoku is most effective in that timeframe, but can be used on others. It is meant to trade any currency during a long trending period, will not be successful in periods of heavy fluctuations as Ichimoku will receive many false signals. A balance of $3000 is recommended to trade this Expert. (more…)

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