Category: Free Expert Advisors for MT4

Expert Advisor Testing Honest Predictor

This sim­ple Test­ing Hon­est Pre­dic­tor (THP) Expert Advi­sor was cre­at­ed in order to eas­i­ly and mean­ing­ful­ly test the Hon­est Pre­dic­tor indi­ca­tor (iHP) per­for­mances, with­in the MT4 Strat­e­gy Tester. Giv­en an asset and a time­frame, THP selects a part of the posi­tions dis­played by iHP and prints on the jour­nal (screen­shot #2) the per­cent­age of win­ning […]

Expert Advisor Virtual Collider Manual USDCHF

Vir­tu­al Col­lid­er Man­u­al is a trad­ing assis­tant with a built-in pan­el for man­u­al trad­ing. It auto­mat­i­cal­ly moves a posi­tion opened by a trad­er in prof­it using inno­v­a­tive adap­tive grid algo­rithm of aver­ag­ing. Know-how of the grid algo­rithm of aver­ag­ing of the Vir­tu­al Col­lid­er Man­u­al trad­ing robot is based on ful­ly auto­mat­ic adap­ta­tion of all char­ac­ter­is­tics […]

Expert Advisor Moving Average N

Pecu­liar­i­ty of the mod­i­fied Mov­ing Aver­age EA is that it is pro­vid­ed with a NEURAL FILTER. We have select­ed the Mov­ing Aver­age EA as it is a stan­dard expert advi­sor and pro­vid­ed togeth­er with a ter­mi­nal. Along with the strat­e­gy based on mov­ing aver­ages indi­ca­tors, the neur­al net­work is employed, and after learn­ing on the […]

Expert Advisor CAP Grid Manager DEMO

CAP Grid Man­ag­er is a use­ful pan­el with an expert advi­sor for traders using grid strate­gies. It has mul­ti-func­­tion pan­el! You only need to click Buy or Sell but­ton on the pan­el, and CAP Grid Man­ag­er will set take prof­it, stop loss, pend­ing orders, trail­ing stop and break even for you.

Expert Advisor OlimpiaFxRallyDEMO

This is a Mul­ti-Pair Expert Advi­sor with very accu­rate 5 exclu­sive strate­gies for Forex Mar­ket! The EA’s con­cept lays in recog­ni­tion the best pair to open orders. The EA com­pares 28 pairs from EUR, AUD, NZD, CAD, JPY, CHF, USD, GBP cur­ren­cy com­bi­na­tions.

Indicator PA Patterns Robot

This non-indi­­ca­­tor Expert Advi­sor iden­ti­fies 7 sim­ple Price Action can­dle pat­terns: Inside bar, Piv­ot Point Rever­sal (PPR), DBLHC & DBHLC, Clos­ing Price Rever­sal (CPR), Engulf­ing, Pin bar (2 bars & 3 bars), Out­side bar.

Expert Advisor MACD EMA nois

The MACD EMA noise Expert Advi­sor trades by sig­nals of MACD and EMA indi­ca­tors and is opti­mized for EURUSD H1 by default. It can be opti­mized for any instru­ment and time­frame. The expert advi­sor also has noise lev­els per MACD and EMA indi­ca­tors. Opened posi­tions are closed accord­ing to sig­nals of MACD indi­ca­tor in the […]

Expert Advisor CloudAtlas

This EA is built to aid Ichimoku traders who like to fol­low long trends. It is based on the Ichimoku clouds indi­ca­tor and is eas­i­ly opti­miz­able to mar­ket con­di­tions, it is built for H4 time­frame because Ichimoku is most effec­tive in that time­frame, but can be used on oth­ers. It is meant to trade any […]