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Indicator ERXGen Filter

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Without volatility, trading the financial market is close to impossible. Profit is made ONLY when the price is moving. The ERXGen (Early Riser Next Generation) system is a short-term trading technique built around the phenomenon that there are certain times during a trading day when the price volatility has the tendency to be high. In essence, ERXGen is based on the very popular London Open Breakout strategy, although with bespoke tried and tested rules that increase consistency and profitability. (more…)

Indicator Ease of Movement

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Ease of Movement (EMV - Arms™ Ease of Movement Value) relates an asset's price change to its volume. It highlights the relationship between volume and price changes and is particularly useful for assessing the strength of a trend. High positive values indicate the price is increasing on low volume; strong negative values indicate the price is dropping on low volume. The moving average of the indicator can be added to act as a trigger line, which is similar to other indicators like the MACD. (more…)

Indicator Bulavamatr

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There is much speculation that standard indicators of MT4 terminal have lags. Proving otherwise I would like to present a forward-looking indicator based on standard indicators included in MT4 package. The product draws overbought/oversold channel and indicates moments when an order can be opened. I recommend opening positions in the direction of the channel slope only. The indicator is non-redrawable. (more…)

Indicator Umdria Gap Indicator

Buy Umdria Gap Indicator customer indicator in the store selling algo trading systems

Have you ever had problems with gaps? Than this indicator is for you! If you never had problems with gaps, the Umdria Gap Indicator still can be useful for you. It can help you determine the quality of the currency pair; the more gap there are the harder it can be to trade the given currency pair. (more…)

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