Category: Free Panels for MT4

Panel MyPosition Demo

Intro­duc­tion Trad­ing oppor­tu­ni­ties often come quick­ly and almost always require a swift and pre­cise trade exe­cu­tion. This is where the high­ly visu­al Ëœmy­Po­si­tionâ„¢ tool comes in. Just drag your stop and entry to your set­up and your posi­tion size and tar­get are imme­di­ate­ly tak­en care of.

Panel MyEntry Demo

Intro­duc­tion ËœmyEn­tryâ„¢ is the high­ly pow­er­ful exten­sion Expert Advi­sor for Ëœmy­Po­si­tionâ„¢ which allows swift and pre­cise Trade Entry. With the click of a but­ton ËœmyEn­tryâ„¢ will imme­di­ate­ly trans­form your trad­ing lev­els pre­vi­ous­ly set with Ëœmy­Po­si­tionâ„¢ into pend­ing orders with the cor­rect posi­tion size.

Panel Counter Demo

This is a demo ver­sion of the Expert Advi­sor. The risk amount is lim­it­ed in this ver­sion (0.1% of the deposit). To test all func­tions open a large deposit ($1 mil­lion). Counter is an assis­tant EA for man­u­al trad­ing. It allows you to set mul­ti­ple orders (from 1 to 20), tak­ing into account the risk. […]

Panel ObeyTheLimits Monitor

Mon­i­tor­ing util­i­ty for the ObeyThe­Lim­its EA. Use it on the same ter­mi­nal with the EA. Attach it to any chart and see the progress of the ObeyThe­Lim­its EAs. It shows cer­tain infor­ma­tion about the posi­tions man­aged by the EA.

Panel ProfitInfoFree

Prof­it­In­fo shows prof­it on select­ed sym­bols and mag­ic num­bers, sort­ed by sym­bols. The but­tons do not work for the indi­ca­tor, they work only togeth­er with the Expert Advi­sor Prof­it­In­fo­Clos­er attached on chart. Prof­it­In­fo­Clos­er must be on the same chart with Prof­it­In­foFree indi­ca­tor to have the clos­ing but­tons work.

Panel Spike Protector EA DEMO

Spike Pro­tec­tor EA is an MT4 pan­el that mon­i­tors your trades and pro­tects them against mar­ket spikes by check­ing the close price on each bar with your giv­en Stop Loss lev­el. It allows the price to spike past your Stop Loss lev­el while the bar is open, but if the bar clos­es past your Stop […]

Panel Smart Orders Demo

Smart Order expert gives you the abil­i­ty to place 4 new types of orders in easy way. These new types of orders will add a lot to your trad­ing expe­ri­ence. Time Order, Time Price Order, Buy Stop Lim­it Order & Sell Stop Lim­it Order. Dis­cov­er these new types now and add more flex­i­bil­i­ty to your trad­ing experience.

Panel My Money Manager Demo

My Mon­ey Man­ag­er like a risk con­troller, which places your trades with the exact vol­ume that meets your desired stop loss risk. It can also help you to pre­view your EP/SL/TP lev­els before plac­ing an order by drag­ging these lev­els direct­ly on a chart, and keep report­ing about them dur­ing the posi­tion opening.

Panel ManualBackTest

This is a tech­ni­cal indi­ca­tor that put on strat­e­gy tester the but­tons of the expert advis­er “Con­trol ado­ra”. Usu­al­ly when applied the con­tro­lado­ra to the strat­e­gy tester, the but­tons do not appear and there­fore its func­tions (like direct­ly buy, sell, close orders or place stop loss indi­ca­tor) can’t be used. But now you can if […]