Category: Free Utilities for MT4

Utilitie CloseAllOrdersTune

A script for clos­ing posi­tions If you need to quick­ly close sev­er­al posi­tions, but it requires spec­i­fy­ing max­i­mal devi­a­tion and the num­ber of attempt to close, this script will do all the rou­tine for you! Allow Auto­Trad­ing before run­ning the script.

Utilitie Slider of charts

This is a util­i­ty cre­at­ed to ease charts watch­ing on tablet PCs. The indi­ca­tor allows you auto­mat­i­cal­ly alter­nate­ly dis­play “slide show” of all cur­ren­cy charts from “Mar­ket Watch”. 

Utilitie Mirror EA DEMO

NOTE: This is a DEMO ver­sion of Mir­ror EA that you can buy. This ver­sion works on reg­u­lar charts (not only in Strat­e­gy Tester), but you can trade only with min­i­mum per­mit­ted amount of lot.

Utilitie CloseAllMarket

This free prod­uct сloses all mar­ket orders. This script does not have inputs option. For a more fea­tured ver­sion, down­load CloseAll­Com­plete which is also free (the screen­shot is shown below). The prod­uct is based on one of the scripts found in one of my Code Base arti­cles, CloseAll.