Category: Free Utilities for MT4

Utilitie EA Pending

Why do I need this? If you use Expert Advi­sors (EA) and you want to be able to add orders that the EA will track and man­age, you need this script. If you sim­ply add a pend­ing or mar­ket order, the EA will not man­age that order because the mag­ic num­ber will not be the same. […]

Utilitie Z ScreenShotTime

The indi­ca­tor saves screen­shots from the chart, on which it runs, of a pre­set size at a giv­en inter­val of time, the creen­shots are saved in the fold­er \\MQL4\Files. The file is saved as: symbol_timeframe_date_time. For exam­ple: USDJPY_M5_20141113_15.39.gif

Utilitie Verdure OCO EA Lite

Note: This is the free ver­sion of Ver­dure OCO EA. Lim­i­ta­tions of the free ver­sion include: Only works in local mode. Does not man­age pend­ing orders (it only man­ages mar­ket orders). Does not send email or noti­fi­ca­tions. It, how­ev­er, alerts on dupli­cate orders.

Utilitie Linker charts master demo

The Link­er charts mas­ter util­i­ty links all the win­dows of the sym­bol it is attached to. All the oper­a­tions in the win­dow on which the indi­ca­tor is run­ning are copied to all the linked ones. It is a great aid for those trad­ing based on sup­port and resis­tance levels.

Utilitie CloseAllProfitable

This free prod­uct clos­es all prof­itable orders. The amount of prof­it can be cus­tomized through the script prop­er­ties win­dow. The prod­uct is based on one of the scripts found in one of my Code­Base arti­cles, CloseAll.

Utilitie Economic Calendar File Downloader Data Folder

This script was cre­at­ed to co-work with Eco­nom­ic Cal­en­dar Read­er, which dis­plays eco­nom­ic pub­li­ca­tions on chart in Meta­Trad­er 4 plat­form win­dow. By run­ning this script, user can down­load cur­rent Calendar-mm-dd-yyyy.csv file from direct­ly into Meta­Trad­er 4 plat­form inner fold­er Data Folder\MQL4\Files\.