Category: Free Utilities for MT4

Utilitie Trade Receiver Free

Trade Receiv­er Free is a free tool to copy trades/signals from oth­er traders at dif­fer­ent loca­tions over inter­net, who use Trade Copi­er Pro to send. To start copy­ing via this tool, provider must add a free license in his list first. That means you can use this free tool to copy trades/signals from a provider, […]

Utilitie NotifyMe Free for MT4

Overview The Expert Advi­sor sends noti­fi­ca­tions to a mobile phone, via e‑mail or acti­vates an audio alarm in case a posi­tion is opened or closed on the trad­ing account. The Expert does not trade, it only mon­i­tors your account and orders.

Utilitie Auto Trade Copier Demo

Auto Trade Copi­er is designed to copy trades between mul­ti Meta­Trad­er 4 accounts/terminals with 100% accu­ra­cy. With this tool, you can act as either a provider (source) or a receiv­er (des­ti­na­tion). All trad­ing actions will be copied from the provider to the receiv­er with no delay.

Utilitie Copier4Free

The Copier4Free util­i­ty copies trades from the Mas­ter account to the unlim­it­ed amount of Slave accounts. The copy­ing can be per­formed in an appo­site direc­tion (reverse) and with mul­ti­plied vol­ume. The util­i­ty fol­lows changes in stop loss and take prof­it orders on the Mas­ter account. All its para­me­ters are placed on a chart (see the […]

Utilitie DI Buy Sell Pending

After ini­tial­iza­tion the assis­tant places pend­ing orders (buy, sell or both accord­ing to the user’s choice) at the spec­i­fied dis­tance from the mar­ket price in points. It also con­tains the trail­ing stop option.

Utilitie KopirMT4 Lite

The full ver­sion can be found here: KopirMT4 Copy trades for MT4 The lite ver­sion has sim­pli­fied func­tion­al­i­ty. How­ev­er, the basic set of func­tions is avail­able to its fullest extent.

Analyzer Automatic stops

Auto­mat­ic stops mon­i­tors your account and auto­mat­i­cal­ly sets the val­ues you enter in the EA for stop loss, take prof­it and also trail­ing stop. As long as the EA is attached on a chart it will set stops and offer auto­mat­ic trail­ing to any new trades for that cur­ren­cy pair so you wont have to […]

Utilitie IceFX DrawProfit

Ice­FX Draw­Prof­it indi­ca­tor can effi­cient­ly help those traders who want to see on the chart all closed posi­tions out­put: prof­it or loss. If you set Draw­Prof­it on your chart man­aged by an Expert Advi­sor (EA), you will clear­ly see its per­for­mance by its prof­its & losses.

Utilitie Price Lines

The Price Lines script marks price lev­els on the chart. It helps to rec­og­nize the cur­ren­cy fluc­tu­a­tion in one touch. You can set the col­or, width and step of lines. This script is very use­ful for EURUSD, because the price likes to stick to lev­els that are mul­ti­ple of 50 or 100 pips. 

Utilitie ChartWall for MT4

Chart­Wall is intend­ed for dis­play­ing and auto­mat­ic chang­ing of wall­pa­pers on a chart. It sup­port JPG and BMP for­mats. There are two ways to choose the image and the style of dis­play­ing: using the stan­dard para­me­ters when launch­ing Chart­Wall or using the built-in pan­el. The built-in pan­el can be opened by click­ing on the appli­ca­tion icon that appears […]