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Indicator FFx Momentum

The pur­pose of this new ver­sion of the MT4 stan­dard indi­ca­tor pro­vid­ed in your plat­form is to dis­play in a sub-win­­dow mul­ti­ple time­frames of the same indi­ca­tor. See the exam­ple shown in the pic­ture below.

Indicator Percent b Bollinger BandWidth tfmt4

%b shows you as a per­cent­age where the last price is in rela­tion to the low­er and upper Bollinger Bands. If the price is at the mov­ing aver­age line, %b will show on the sec­ondary chart win­dow as a val­ue of 50 which is 50% between the bands. %b can be a neg­a­tive val­ue (below […]

Indicator Delta AG Free

The dif­fer­ence between the arith­metic and geo­met­ric means at the spec­i­fied range. Since the greater is the dif­fer­ence between the val­ues, the greater the result­ing fig­ure is, actu­al­ly the indi­ca­tor shows volatil­i­ty fluc­tu­a­tions.

Indicator Bar0TimeSpread

This is a must have tool for every trad­er, because this indi­ca­tor pro­vides the score­board with most impor­tant basic infor­ma­tion for trad­ing. It dis­plays cur­rent serv­er time, remain­ing time of the cur­rent bar, a cal­cu­lat­ed lot for the spec­i­fied risk and free mar­gin, char­ac­ter­is­tic bar sizes, and spreads.

Indicator Price Line

High, Low, Open, Close ” isn’t this too much? Some­times you need a unique his­to­ry of prices. But if choose one thing, you lose the rest. Smooth­ing also leads to data loss. Often you lose one of the most impor­tant mar­ket details: infor­ma­tion about extremes. It is due to the preser­va­tion of infor­ma­tion about the […]

Indicator MA Momentum Arrows

Sum­ma­ry This indi­ca­tor is based on the MA applied to the Momen­tum indi­ca­tor. It draws arrows at the con­firmed cross­es of the MA over the Momen­tum line. When the MA cross­es upwards, then a buy arrow is dis­played and vice ver­sa. The arrows do not repaint since the indi­ca­tor only uses con­firmed val­ues and waits […]