Category: Free Analyzers for MT5

Analyzer MACD on History Deals Limited

Indi­ca­tor on His­to­ry Deals (MACD) Ana­lyz­ing the his­to­ry report you can­not fig­ure out the MACD and OHLC val­ues that were actu­al when the deals were per­formed. This script allows users obtain­ing the MACD and OHLC val­ues of bars cor­re­spond­ing to deals. The infor­ma­tion is saved in a CSV file allow­ing you to per­form quan­ti­ta­tive analysis […]

Analyzer ID Bars or candles with fewer decimal points

The indi­ca­tor draws can­dles and bars based on Open, High, Low and Close val­ues round­ed to a nec­es­sary dec­i­mal place. For exam­ple, if a chart con­sists of bars with five-dig­it Open, High, Low and Close val­ues, it is pos­si­ble to con­fig­ure the dis­play of bars or can­dles hav­ing four, three or oth­er num­ber of decimal […]