Category: Free Expert Advisors for MT5

Expert AdvisorShmendridge PAM Carrot

About the Shmen­dridge PAM (Price Action Mas­ter) EA Series These mul­ti-sym­bol mul­ti-time-frame bots enter on high prob­a­bil­i­ty engulf­ing bar and shoot­ing star/hammer/pin bar pat­terns with a stop order. (Delays won’t mat­ter, slip­page and spread not a big deal on larg­er time-frames.) They may con­sid­er up to 4 sec­ondary time-frames in their analy­ses and score of […]

Expert Advisor MP Level

The MP Lev­el Expert Advi­sor trades on poten­tial­ly impor­tant lev­els which are formed as a result of the last sig­nif­i­cant move­ments of price. The main advan­tage of the Expert Advi­sor, along with lev­el detec­tion, is an algo­rithm for cal­cu­la­tion of a prob­a­ble influ­ence of the lev­el on the fur­ther move­ment not only by the direc­tion, but […]