Category: Free Panels for MT5

Panel IShift DEMO

IShift DEMO is a demon­stra­tion ver­sion of IShift. This pro­gram is ful­ly func­tion­al on demo accounts. If you use IShift DEMO on a real account, it will run in a demo mode where so you can test its func­tion­al­i­ty but you will not be able to per­form real trade operations.

Panel VirtualTradePad PositionsStyle

Vir­tu­al­Trade­Pad “Posi­tions style” Vir­tu­al­Trade­Pad — con­trol pan­el for man­ag­ing ÐœetaТrader 5 main orders: buy, sell, buystop, buylim­it, sell­stop, sel­l­lim­it, close, delete, mod­i­fy, trail­ing stop. This ver­sion has been designed for trad­ing via BUY and SELL orders, as well as using addi­tion­al func­tions, such as: Stop Loss mod­i­fi­ca­tion, Take Prof­it, Trail­ing Stop, Posi­tion reverse, Posi­tion closing.

Panel VirtualTradePad Lite

Vir­tu­al­Trade­Pad “One Click Trad­ing Pan­el Demo” Vir­tu­al­Trade­Pad — is a con­tol pan­el for work­ing with orders in ÐœetaТrader 5 : buy, sell, buystop, buylim­it, sell­stop, sel­l­lim­it, close, delete, mod­i­fy, tralling stop.

Panel VirtualTradePad Ordersstyle

Vir­tu­al­Trade­Pad “Orders style” Vir­tu­al­Trade­Pad is a pan­el for man­ag­ing main orders in ÐœetaТrader 5: Buy, Sell, Buy Stop, Buy Lim­it, Sell Stop, Sell Lim­it, Close, Delete, Mod­i­fy, Trail­ing Stop. This ver­sion has been devel­oped for trad­ing with Buy Stop, Buy Lim­it, Sell Stop and Sell Lim­it; and it includes addi­tion­al func­tions such as Stop Loss, Take […]

Panel HedgeTerminalDemo

Trade in the oppo­site direc­tions with Hed­geTer­mi­nal Hed­geTer­mi­nalDe­mo is a demo ver­sion of Hed­geTer­mi­nalUl­ti­mate. Hed­geTer­mi­nalDe­mo can be launched only on demo accounts. Only the last 10 closed posi­tions are dis­played in the tab of his­tor­i­cal posi­tions. Posi­tions can be opened at one of three sym­bols: AUDCAD, NZDCAD, as well as at one of the futures […]

Panel Sizer

Siz­er is a tiny tool to cal­cu­late posi­tion size based on a fixed mon­ey risk and stop loss size. The tool is designed to be min­i­mal­is­tic and not in your way. You can eas­i­ly hide it until you need it with a sin­gle mouse click.

Panel MT5 Money Manager

Mon­ey Man­ag­er cal­cu­lates the cor­rect posi­tion size for each trade accu­rate­ly and imme­di­ate­ly. Cal­cu­la­tions are based on the account bal­ance or equi­ty (option­al), the risk per­cent­age you set (input) and the Stop Loss dis­tance (lines).

Panel Trading Chaos Expert Demo

Trad­ing Chaos Expert Demo is a demo ver­sion of Trad­ing Chaos Expert. Demo ver­sion of Pan­el-expert allows trad­er to learn the pos­si­bil­i­ties and algo­rithm of Trad­ing Chaos Expert work. This will help you to learn how to work with the Expert Advi­sor with­out risk on a demo account instead of the strat­e­gy tester. In demo-version: