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Library MT5 Logger

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The CLogger class provides a simple but sophisticated logging utility that you can use to output messages. The messages have associated levels, such as INFO or ERROR that indicate their importance. You can then give the CLogger a level, and only messages at this level or higher will be saved. (more…)

Library HedgeTerminalApi

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HedgeTerminalApi is a program interface allowing you to use HedgeTerminal virtualization technologies in your robots and scripts. With HedgeTerminalApi, you are able to trade in the opposite directions when two or more trading algorithms occupy opposite positions on a single symbol. The library allows robots to track their positions even if these positions overlap entirely or partially. Moreover, with this library, you are able to connect your robots to HedgeTerminalUltimate visual panel. The library displays the actions of your robots and their oppositely directed positions in real time rising your work to the new level. (more…)


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