Category: Libraries for MT5

Library MT5 Logger

Descrip­tion The CLog­ger class pro­vides a sim­ple but sophis­ti­cat­ed log­ging util­i­ty that you can use to out­put mes­sages. The mes­sages have asso­ci­at­ed lev­els, such as INFO or ERROR that indi­cate their impor­tance. You can then give the CLog­ger a lev­el, and only mes­sages at this lev­el or high­er will be saved.

Library HedgeTerminalApi

Trade in the oppo­site direc­tions with Hed­geTer­mi­nalApi library! Hed­geTer­mi­nalApi is a pro­gram inter­face allow­ing you to use Hed­geTer­mi­nal vir­tu­al­iza­tion tech­nolo­gies in your robots and scripts. With Hed­geTer­mi­nalApi, you are able to trade in the oppo­site direc­tions when two or more trad­ing algo­rithms occu­py oppo­site posi­tions on a sin­gle sym­bol. The library allows robots to track […]

Library for Custom Chart

Lib­Cus­tom­Chart library allows to write indi­ca­tors and Expert Advi­sors com­pat­i­ble with cus­tom charts cre­at­ed by iCus­tom­Chart. Exam­ple of the library use in indi­ca­tors and Expert Advi­sors can be found in Code Base.