Category: Paid Indicators for MT5

Indicator Analyst 2015

Method of trad­ing and tech­ni­cal analy­sis using an ana­lyst indi­ca­tor In any mar­ket, whether it is stocks, min­er­als (met­als, raw mate­ri­als) or cur­ren­cy pairs, we see a trade win­dow with quotes (price) and trad­ing time. The most impor­tant thing for us is to learn to ana­lyze the mar­ket and find the entry points, observ­ing all […]

Indicator MaStopTrailMT5

Mov­ing aver­age (MA): this indi­ca­tor is one of the most pop­u­lar in trad­ing in var­i­ous mar­kets. You can find plen­ty of arti­cles con­cern­ing this indi­ca­tor on the Inter­net. So there is no point in pro­vid­ing its full descrip­tion. How­ev­er, it is to be not­ed that there are sev­er­al price aver­ag­ing meth­ods which even­tu­al­ly result­ed in […]

Indicator Risk Reward Ratio

Invest­ment in the cap­i­tal mar­kets is risky. Some of trans­ac­tions are clos­ing with loss, so very impor­tant thing is to con­trol risk. There are many tools for risk con­trol­ling. One of them is Risk Reward Ratio indi­ca­tor.

Indicator Price Breakout Pattern Scanner MT5

Intro­duc­tion to Price Break­out Pat­tern Scan­ner for Meta Trad­er 5 Most of traders in Forex mar­ket must be famil­iar with the name “Head and Shoul­der”, “Dou­ble Top”, “Triple Top”, “Sym­met­ri­cal Tri­an­gle”, etc. These are the com­mon price pat­terns appear­ing in the price charts of Forex, Futures and Stock mar­kets. When you spot these pat­terns in […]

Indicator Sideways Market Statistical Analyzer MT5

Intro­duc­tion to Side­ways Mar­ket Sta­tis­ti­cal Ana­lyz­er Notable peri­od of Low volatil­i­ty and non-trend­ing move­ments in the finan­cial mar­ket is con­sid­ered as Side­ways Mar­ket. Soon­er or lat­er, the low volatil­i­ty will increase and the price will pick up a trend after Side­ways Mar­ket. In terms of trad­ing point of view, Side­ways Mar­ket can serve as the […]

Indicator Harmonic Pattern Plus MT5

Intro­duc­tion to Har­mon­ic Pat­tern Plus Har­mon­ic Pat­tern Plus is a Har­mon­ic Pat­tern scan­ning soft­ware designed to work in Meta­Trad­er 5. The pur­pose of the Har­mon­ic Pat­tern Plus Soft­ware is to iden­ti­fy the turn­ing point (or the trend rever­sal point) of the cur­rent trend by detect­ing the har­mon­ic pat­terns with high pre­dic­tion pow­er. Har­mon­ic pat­terns are made […]

Indicator Gold Silver Ratio based on SMA

The gold-sil­ver ratio helps traders to bet­ter under­stand the state of the pre­cious met­als mar­ket and some oth­er aspects of the world econ­o­my. Did you know that the nat­ur­al ratio of gold to sil­ver on Earth is 17:1? Some traders look at this indi­ca­tor to deter­mine if one com­mod­i­ty is over or under­val­ued in rela­tion […]

Indicator Gann High Low Activator MTF

This indi­ca­tor is a copy of the Gann Hi-Lo Acti­va­tor SSL indi­ca­tor which was rewrit­ten in MQL5. The orig­i­nal indi­ca­tor was one-col­ored, that is why for more visu­al def­i­n­i­tion of the trend direc­tion it was nec­es­sary to make it col­ored.