Category: Paid Utilities for MT5

Utilitie Fast Fibonacci Grid MT5

Did you ever feel irri­tat­ed by man­u­al­ly adjust­ing Fibonac­ci retrace­ment lev­els? Do you ever want to have a tool that was auto­mat­i­cal­ly adjust to cer­tain Fibonac­ci lev­els with your trad­ing? Well here is a tool for you: Fast Fibonac­ci indi­ca­tor and Grid trad­er allows you to quick­ly adjust Fibonac­ci retrace­ment lev­els or con­struct Fibonac­ci exten­sion […]

Utilitie KL Visual Trade Calculator

KL Visu­al Trade Cal­cu­la­tor is used for pre­lim­i­nary cal­cu­lat­ing trades and analysing price move­ment on chart. Risk Man­age­ment direct­ly on chart, very easy in use. Only three clicks in order to set des­ti­na­tion tar­gets on chart and receive ready cal­cu­la­tions. Ini­tial­ly, please only enter risk amount of Account Bal­ance in indi­ca­tor pan­el, this val­ue is […]

Utilitie KL Effortless Risk Manager for MT5

KL Visu­al Risk Man­ag­er Pro “ the tool for traders for whom cap­i­tal preser­va­tion is a top pri­or­i­ty. Let me present my new rev­o­lu­tion­ary method of send­ing orders accord­ing to what you see on a chart, which is in full accor­dance with Risk Man­age­ment.

Utilitie AllSymbolTickSave MT5

The util­i­ty gath­ers tick his­to­ry of all cur­ren­cies select­ed in the Mar­ket Watch win­dow in csv file with­in the accu­ra­cy of mil­lisec­onds. It can set time and a type of time of flush­ing data to the file (serv­er, local host, GMT). The file path is in the direc­to­ry MQL5\Files\Ticks\\. Every day has a sep­a­rate file. […]

Utilitie Trade Receiver Pro MT5

Trade Receiv­er Pro is designed to receive copy trade/signal from oth­er traders at dif­fer­ent loca­tions over inter­net, who use Trade Copi­er Pro to send. This is an eco­nom­ic solu­tion with low­er price for sub­scribers, who want to receive only.

Utilitie Spread Report

This script is intend­ed to help users to get infor­ma­tion about ticks and spreads (e.g. ticks count, minimum/maximum/average spread). It can export reports in the CSV for­mat with this infor­ma­tion.

Utilitie Smart Ruler MT5

This is a con­ve­nient tool for mea­sur­ing the num­ber of points between prices. It sup­port mag­ne­tiz­ing to OHLC prices. Cal­cu­lates prof­it con­sid­er­ing spec­i­fied lot size and spread (option­al­ly). It counts the num­ber of bars between spec­i­fied point and the time dif­fer­ence between them. Cal­cu­lates the slope angle from the hor­i­zon­tal posi­tion. Unneed­ed para­me­ters can be […]

Utilitie Slider profy

The idea of ‹‹enhanc­ing the free Slid­er util­i­ty appeared after the release of a lite ver­sion of the EA trade pan­el Trad­ing Chaos Expert Lite, which oper­ates in the Cur­rent Chart mode with­out the pos­si­bil­i­ty to main­tain trades of sev­er­al sym­bols in a sin­gle win­dow.

Utilitie Session Tracker

Ses­sion Track­er allows the user to quick­ly iden­ti­fy ses­sion times by high­light­ing chart bars gen­er­at­ed at cer­tain hours of the day. Ide­al for traders who engage in day trad­ing as well as those who trade on faster time­frames.

Utilitie RobotController

This is a ready-made pro­fes­sion­al posi­tion track­ing sys­tem. It works on all cur­ren­cy pairs and time­frames. The prod­uct process­es the errors cor­rect­ly and works on the mar­ket effi­cient­ly. The trad­ing robot applies basic con­cepts — breakeven and trail­ing. The trail­ing is based not on indi­ca­tors but on the last bar of the spec­i­fied time inter­val […]

Utilitie Magnifier

The indi­ca­tor rep­re­sents an addi­tion­al chart win­dow with a low­er time frame where bars are com­bined into groups that are equiv­a­lent in time to main chart time frame. Bars are syn­chro­nized by the right hand side of the win­dow, i.e. the time of the last bar in the main win­dow cor­re­sponds to the time of […]

Utilitie FORTS All Saver

This is a util­i­ty for stor­ing the data on open inter­est (OI), ratio of buyer/seller orders’ num­ber and the ratio of buyer/seller orders’ vol­umes on the Russ­ian FORTS futures mar­ket. This is the first prod­uct of the series. Now, you can trace his­to­ry of the spec­i­fied data in real time in МТ5 ter­mi­nal. This allows […]