Super Panel and Stochastic

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This pan­el for clos­ing and open­ing orders also includes a table of RSI, Sto­chas­tic and MACD indi­ca­tors. Specif­i­cal­ly, these are the mini-strate­gies based on RSI, Sto­chas­tic and MACD indi­ca­tors. The prod­uct is applied on each stan­dard peri­od chart. The result is shown as a sig­nal that is dis­played as a blue “B” cell (for a buy sig­nal) and red “S” cell (for a sell sig­nal).

RSI line:

  • B — a min­i­mum lev­el break­down from the bot­tom up
  • S — a max­i­mum lev­el break­down from top to bot­tom

MACD line:

  • B — break­down of the lev­el 0 from the bot­tom up
  • S — break­down of the lev­el 0 from top to bot­tom

Sto­chas­tic line:

  • B — sec­ondary one cross­es the main one top to bot­tom
  • S — sec­ondary one cross­es the main one bot­tom up

The sig­nal is dis­played in table dur­ing 2 bars.

In this pan­el you can also call and change all para­me­ters of this strat­e­gy oppo­site to the table row.

RSI line para­me­ters:

  • price used for cal­cu­la­tion of RSI,
  • peri­od of RSI,
  • max­i­mum lev­el of RSI,
  • min­i­mum lev­el of RSI.

MACD line para­me­ters:

  • price used for cal­cu­la­tion of MACD
  • slow EMA MACD,
  • fast EMA MACD.

Sto­chas­tic line para­me­ters:

  • Peri­od K Sto­chas­tic,
  • Peri­od D Sto­chas­tic,
  • Slow­ing of Sto­chas­tic.

Sig­nals in the table are updat­ed at least for 1 sec­ond.

Super Panel and Stochastic 

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