Utilitie AllHere for Controladora

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All­Here is a plug-in for Con­trol-ado­ra that works as infor­ma­tion panel.

Its main func­tion is to show you all the Con­trol-ado­ra ele­ments placed in the chart, like the Con­trol-ado­ra’s orders or the exit lines.

On the low­er left cor­ner, All­Here shows a col­lec­tion of but­tons clas­si­fied by col­or (you can set them in the indi­ca­tor’s prop­er­ties) for sev­er­al ele­ments used in Con­trol-ado­ra system:

  • Stop loss indi­ca­tions (stop loss Arrows)
  • Exit lines Above (Above trend lines)
  • Exit lines Below (Below trend lines)
  • Sell Stop (SS Arrows)
  • Sell Lim­it (SL Arrows)
  • Buy Stop (BS Arrows)
  • Buy Lim­it (BL Arrows)

If Zero Entry Order plug-in is active on the chart, it will also show but­tons for:

  • 0 Sell Stop (0SS Arrows)
  • 0 Sell Lim­it (0SL Arrows)
  • 0 Buy Stop (0BS Arrows)
  • 0 Buy Lim­it (0BL Arrows)

All the but­tons, except those for Above and Below lines, when clicked, delete all the arrows cor­re­spond­ing to their func­tions. For exam­ple, if you have 3 BS Arrows (bs, bs1 and bs2), BS but­ton shows all three inside it. When you press it, “bs”, “bs1” and “bs2” arrows are delet­ed and 0 inside is displayed.

For the but­tons rel­a­tive to Above and Below exit lines, when you drag and drop them over the can­dles, they set all the cor­re­spond­ing lines at the lev­el where you released the but­ton. The lines are set­tled horizontally.

If you release the but­ton for Above lines below the actu­al price or the but­ton for Below lines over the actu­al price, the indi­ca­tor ignores the instruc­tion to avoid acci­den­tal close of all open orders under Con­trol-ado­ra con­trol. The same hap­pens if you release the but­tons over no can­dles zone at the right side of the chart when the MT4-Chart-Shift’s func­tion is active.

If you dou­ble-click the but­tons for Above and Below exit lines, uns­e­lect­ing them, all the cor­re­spon­dent lines (Above or Below depend­ing upon the but­ton) will be placed far from the actu­al price. If you want to place them back near the actu­al price, use the drag and drop mech­a­nism pre­vi­ous­ly explained.

In order to give you full infor­ma­tion about the fac­tors inter­act­ing in the chart, All­Here shows you the indi­ca­tors that are actu­al­ly work­ing on the price chart. The names of the indi­ca­tors are dis­played ver­ti­cal­ly on the right side of the chart.

If you want to take out one of the indi­ca­tors from the chart, just dou­ble click on the low­er left cor­ner and touch the label, and the indi­ca­tor will be removed from the chart. If you want to add the indi­ca­tor again, use the habit­u­al pro­ce­dure to insert any tech­ni­cal indicator.

All the but­tons and labels placed by All­Here indi­ca­tor will be removed if you hide the Con­trol-ado­ra but­tons and re-appear when you dis­play them again if you choose so in the indi­ca­tors properties.

Please make sure you have the same lan­guage select­ed in All­Here plug-in as in Con­trol-ado­ra settings.


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