Utilitie AllSymbolTickSave MT5

Buy AllSymbolTickSave MT5 trading application in the store of automated robot systems
The util­i­ty gath­ers tick his­to­ry of all cur­ren­cies select­ed in the Mar­ket Watch win­dow in csv file with­in the accu­ra­cy of mil­lisec­onds. It can set time and a type of time of flush­ing data to the file (serv­er, local host, GMT). The file path is in the direc­to­ry MQL5\Files\Ticks\\. Every day has a sep­a­rate file. The util­i­ty can be launched on every chart.

Input Para­me­ters
Time­Type ” Type of time;
Mar­ket­Watch ” Select instru­ments (true — instru­ments in the Mar­ket Watch win­dow, false — all avail­able);
Time­Timer ” Peri­od of scan­ning in mil­lisec­onds;
Time­Save ” Peri­od of data sav­ing in sec­onds.

AllSymbolTickSave MT5 

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