Utilitie CloseAll All in 1 Utility

Buy CloseAll All in 1 Utility trading application in the store of automated robot systems

This util­i­ty can be used to close open orders or delete pend­ing orders with dif­fer­ent criteria. 

Just run the script on any chart, and all the orders meet the cri­te­ria will be closed/cancelled imme­di­ate­ly (regard­less of sym­bol of the chart).

Available Methods:

  1. Close by Mag­ic Number
  2. Close by Comment
  3. Close Mar­ket Orders by type
  4. Close Pend­ing Orders by type
  5. Close Orders in profit
  6. Close Orders in loss
  7. Close by Symbol
  8. Close by Amount

Any com­ment for idea or improve­ment is welcomed.

Hap­py Trading!

CloseAll All in 1 Utility 

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