Utilitie CloseAllMagic

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This free prod­uct clos­es all orders by magic.

It is based on one of the scripts found in one of my Code­Base arti­cles, CloseAll.


A col­lec­tion of scripts for clos­ing var­i­ous types of orders.

  • closeall_comment — clos­es all orders based on a spe­cif­ic comment
  • closeall_loss — clos­es all orders with profit/loss exceed­ing a spe­cif­ic loss thresh­old value
  • closeall_profit — clos­es all orders with profit/loss exceed­ing a spe­cif­ic prof­it thresh­old value
  • closeall_magic — clos­es all orders by order mag­ic number
  • closeall_market — clos­es all mar­ket orders
  • closeall_pending — clos­es all pend­ing orders
  • closeall_complete — con­tains all the fea­tures of six scripts + option for clos­ing posi­tion at a symbol

Ignored Para­me­ters

When a para­me­ter is ignored, the con­di­tion involv­ing that para­me­ter would auto­mat­i­cal­ly eval­u­ate to true (as if it is not present on the script).

Para­me­ters of string type (order com­ment and order sym­bol) are ignored by the script when their val­ue is either NULL or emp­ty string.

Para­me­ters of real type (prof­it, loss, and mag­ic) are ignored by the script when their val­ue is ‑1.

Using Exact Match

In order to get an exact match, the para­me­ter exact match should be equal to true. When search­ing for an exact match, the script respects ignored parameters.

When exact match=false, how­ev­er, the script would close an order if at least one cri­te­ri­on is sat­is­fied. This means that the script should not have ignored para­me­ters. Oth­er­wise, all orders would eval­u­ate to true (clos­ing the order).


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