Utilitie Copier4Free

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The Copier4Free util­i­ty copies trades from the Mas­ter account to the unlim­it­ed amount of Slave accounts. The copy­ing can be per­formed in an appo­site direc­tion (reverse) and with mul­ti­plied vol­ume. The util­i­ty fol­lows changes in stop loss and take prof­it orders on the Mas­ter account. All its para­me­ters are placed on a chart (see the video). The util­i­ty works only with its orders and does­n’t inter­fere in oper­a­tion of oth­er Expert Advi­sors on Mas­ter or Slave accounts.


  • Mas­ter or Slave “ the work­ing mode. Delete the unnec­es­sary option.
  • revers “ the mode of reverse copy­ing, “on” or “off”.
  • mult “ vol­ume multiplier.
  • slip “ slip­page value.


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