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Why do I need this?

If you use Expert Advi­sors (EA) and you want to be able to add orders that the EA will track and man­age, you need this script.

If you sim­ply add a pend­ing or mar­ket order, the EA will not man­age that order because the mag­ic num­ber will not be the same. Mag­ic num­bers are used by EAs to track orders and posi­tions that are direct­ly relat­ed to that EA.

What does it do?

After you drag and drop this script on your chart, you spec­i­fy the inputs (see the screen­shot), and it will add a pend­ing order with the mag­ic num­ber you specify.

The script will also tell you all the mag­ic num­bers for cur­rent open orders, so you can tell what mag­ic num­ber you need to use (see the screenshot).

How do I use it?

Drag and drop it on the chart. The input win­dow is shown. Select your inputs and press OK.

The text will be dis­played on the chart while the script is work­ing. A result is shown in a second.

A pend­ing order will be placed at the price where you dropped the script. Entry, tar­get and stop are placed. You then drag the 3 lines to where you want them using the MT4 chart “One Click Trad­ing” option.

You will need to know what the mag­ic num­ber is for the EA you are using for this to work prop­er­ly. If you do not know what the mag­ic num­ber is, sim­ply drop this script on the chart, then can­cel pend­ing order, then go to the Experts tab and read the print out. All of the open order mag­ic num­bers are print­ed out. Then you can fig­ure out what mag­ic num­ber you need to use and enter it in the inputs for this script once you drop it on the chart.


  • Order lots — the lot size of the order.
  • Mag­ic Num­ber — the mag­ic num­ber you want to assign to the order.
  • Order Com­ment — the order com­ment, the mag­ic num­ber will be added to the comment.
  • Use Tar­get — if true, a tar­get will be used, you can drag this to any­where you want once the order is placed.
  • Use Stop — if true, a stop loss will be used, you can drag this to any­where you want once the order is placed.
  • Order_Type — “Buy Order” or “Sell Order”. If you enter a Buy Order, you must drop the script below price or an error will be displayed.

EA Pending 

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