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Easy Order Creator

Eas­i­ly cre­ate a new mar­ket or pend­ing order with auto­mat­ic Stop Loss, Take Prof­it and lot size. Just move the graph­ic entry Stop Loss and Take Prof­it lev­els to the desired val­ues and select the risk in per­cent of your equi­ty. This tool auto­mat­i­cal­ly shows you the pos­si­ble prof­it and loss and can open a mar­ket or pend­ing order for you.


  • MaxRiskPer­centOfE­quity”Maximum risk per order in per­cent of your cur­rent equity.

Graphic objects: Lines

  • Orange Red line”Your Stop Loss level.
  • Blue line”Your order-entry level.
  • Green line”Your Take Prof­it level.

Graphic objects: Buttons

  • Chg buy/sell”Automatically revers­es your order type and the depend­ing lines.
  • Reset lines”Sets the Stop Loss to 400 pips and the Take Prof­it to 800 pips.
  • Set mar­ket order”Opens a mar­ket order with your cur­rent settings.
  • Set pend­ing order”Opens a pend­ing order with your cur­rent settings.
  • Close all”Closes all open active orders of the cur­rent sym­bol (not the pend­ing orders!).
  • Stick to mar­ket price”Automatically keeps your entry lev­el (blue line) to the actu­al price. Turn it on for mar­ket orders.
  • Risk /2”Half the risk.
  • Risk *2”Double the risk.
  • Stop Loss-pips /2”Half the Stop Loss pips.
  • Stop Loss-pips *2”Double the Stop Loss pips.

You can move the graph­i­cal order lev­els (in, Take Prof­it and Stop Loss) to your desired val­ues. If your select­ed val­ues do not fit to your max­i­mum risk set­tings or to your pos­si­ble lot sizes, you will get a warn­ing message.

You can move this tool to every posi­tion on the screen by drag­ging the upper blue rec­tan­gle. The risk val­ue is dis­played in your cur­ren­cy and in per­cent (in brack­ets). On pend­ing orders this tool auto­mat­i­cal­ly detects if you want to open a lim­it or stop order. Error mes­sages are dis­played on the bot­tom of your chart and in the ter­mi­nal window.

The fol­low­ing effects are not an issue:

  • If you are deal­ing with small lot sizes, this tool is try­ing to fit your Take Prof­it and Stop Loss lev­els to match­ing lot sizes. This can lead to a dou­bling your risk val­ue not appear accu­rate­ly calculated.
  • If you are mov­ing the Stop Loss lev­el, you will notice the same behav­ior. All val­ues are adjust­ed to a match­ing lot size.
  • If your select­ed price lev­el is too far away from the actu­al price, it’s not pos­si­ble to place a mar­ket order!

If you are using some of my oth­er tools, please update them first. It’s real­ly important!

Anoth­er impor­tant thing: If you are drag­ging objects on your chart win­dow, don’t stop drag­ging, if your mouse cur­sor is over a but­ton! Releas­ing the mouse but­ton over a but­ton gen­er­ates a but­ton click event, be careful!

The demo ver­sion is lim­it­ed to the sym­bol USDCAD!

If you’ve detect­ed some prob­lems, please write me a message.

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