Utilitie Economic Calendar File Downloader Data Folder

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This script was cre­at­ed to co-work with Eco­nom­ic Cal­en­dar Read­er, which dis­plays eco­nom­ic pub­li­ca­tions on chart in Meta­Trad­er 4 plat­form win­dow. By run­ning this script, user can down­load cur­rent Calendar-mm-dd-yyyy.csv file from http://www.dailyfx.com/ direct­ly into Meta­Trad­er 4 plat­form inner fold­er Data Folder\MQL4\Files\.

How to find downloaded file

  1. In MetaEd­i­tor menu click File->Open Data Fold­er. New explor­er win­dow will appear.
  2. Open the Files folder.

This fold­er will con­tain the down­loaded file of Eco­nom­ic Cal­en­dar named Calendar-mm-dd-yyyy.csv which is ready to use by Eco­nom­ic Cal­en­dar Reader.


  • Auto­mat­i­cal­ly down­loads Eco­nom­ic Cal­en­dar File from URL.
  • Checks the cor­rect­ness of the data record in CSV for­mat file.
  • Saves down­loaded file into data folder.
  • Deletes emp­ty or incor­rect­ly down­loaded files.
  • Deletes old Eco­nom­ic Cal­en­dar File with the pre­vi­ous week’s Sunday.

Necessary steps to prepare MT4 platform

  1. In MT4 menu choose Tools->Options then Expert Advi­sor tab.
  2. Select Allow WebRe­quest for list­ed URL checkbox.
  3. Dou­ble click green icon [+], spec­i­fy this URL address http://www.dailyfx.com and press Enter.


If after run­ning script the file was not down­loaded, run the script again. It is caused by nature of script pro­gram, which exe­cutes its code only once.

Economic Calendar File Downloader Data Folder 

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