Utilitie Fibo

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The script sets Fibonac­ci lev­els on the chart using max­i­mums and min­i­mums vis­i­ble on the chart.

The script names Fibo with such time­frame on which it has been launched (Fibo D1 or Fibo M30, etc.), there­fore pre­serv­ing pre­vi­ous­ly con­struct­ed lev­els on dif­fer­ent time charts.

This instru­ment will be use­ful for those who start study­ing Fibonac­ci lev­els and those who need to form these lev­els in a speedy fashion.

The script does not have addi­tion­al set­tings. Fibonac­ci lines can be amend­ed in stan­dard Fibo grid.


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