Buy HIGH LOW ALERT FREE trading application in the store of automated robot systems

This EA gives alerts mes­sage when the cur­rent price cross­es above or below high and low price alert set by you.

This ry FREE ver­sion works only on USDJPY Pair. For all pairs buy full ver­sion: HIGH LOW ALERT.

When you attach this EA to a chart, it will draw 2 hor­i­zon­tal lines, one at high of today’s dai­ly can­dle and anoth­er at low of today’s dai­ly candle.

The Yel­low col­or line is for High Price Alert. Drag this line to any price above bid price. When the bid price cross­es above this Yel­low line, an alert will be issued.

Sim­i­lar­ly, Aqua col­or line is for Low Price Alert. Drag this line to any price below bid price. When the bid price cross­es below this Aqua line, an alert will be issued.

Once an alert is issued, the line style will be changed to a dashed one. It will remain in this style as long as the price is above or below high and low price alert price.

Sup­pose if a High price Alert is issued and the price again comes down below the High Price alert line, the line style will change to thick line.

You can drag these 2 lines any­time to any desired high or low price alert you like to have.

After remov­ing this EA, you have to man­u­al­ly delete those 2 lines (if you want). If I incor­po­rate this fea­ture into the EA, every time you change time frame, the EA will be reloaded and you have to set the High and Low Price alert again and again. Since this would be high­ly incon­ve­nient it’s bet­ter to delete those lines after you remove the EA (but the EA will cre­ate those 2 lines at load if they are not present).


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