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The EA allows a trad­er to place stop loss invis­i­ble for bro­kers and there­by pre­vent false break­throughs and unwant­ed stop loss trig­ger­ing. When you use stan­dard stop loss, the price may break through stop loss before mov­ing to the direc­tion of an open order and there­fore the orders is closed. Inter­ac­tive Stop Loss removes stan­dard stop loss of the open order and adds a hor­i­zon­tal line instead. After this it main­tains the order until the line is crossed by the price. And then it final­ly clos­es the order. The order is close only after a can­dle is closed beyond the stop loss line, and not after a short term con­tact as it hap­pens in case of stan­dard stop loss.

The EA can work on all trad­ing instru­ments at a time and on a cur­rent instru­ment of a chart it has been attached to. The EA can also work with orders using a mag­ic iden­ti­fi­er (for exam­ple with orders of anoth­er EA) or with all orders irre­spec­tive of the mag­ic iden­ti­fi­er.


  • sym­bol — sym­bols trad­ed by the EA. Val­ues: CURRENT — cur­rent sym­bol of the chart, ALL — all sym­bols of the ter­mi­nal.
  • MAGIC — mag­ic num­ber of the EA’s orders. Val­ue: ‑1 — orders with any mag­ic num­ber.
  • slip­page — allowed slip­page to close orders;
  • inter­ac­tive — enables inter­ac­tive stop loss mode.
  • close_mode — mode of clos­ing orders by inter­ac­tive stop loss. Val­ues: CLOSE — the EA clos­es the order after the can­dle is closed beyond the inter­ac­tive stop loss line, CROSS — orders are closed after the price cross­es the inter­ac­tive stop loss line.
  • sl_name_begin — pre­fix to name inter­ac­tive stop loss lines auto­mat­i­cal­ly
  • sl_line_color — col­or inter­ac­tive stop loss lines.
  • x_btn and y_btn — dis­tance to the upper right cor­ner of the but­ton pan­el from the begin­ning of the chart by Ñ… and у cor­re­spond­ing­ly.
  • alert — enable/disable alerts.

How to Trade

After you attach the EA to the chart it will remove stop loss­es of all orders and adds hor­i­zon­tal lines instead which here­after will be used for main­tain­ing trades. If you need to return orders to their ini­tial state, press Inter­ac­tive but­ton at the top of the chart. The EA will return all stop loss­es to their ini­tial state. If you do not need inter­ac­tive stop loss when you attach the EA to the chart, set the inter­ac­tive para­me­ter to false. When you enable Inter­ac­tive mode, the deal­ing cen­ter knows noth­ing about your stop loss­es and that is why pos­si­bil­i­ty of its manip­u­la­tions is elim­i­nat­ed.

After you enable Inter­ac­tive mode Set SL but­ton appears on the right side of Inter­ac­tive but­ton. You can add stop loss­es which will be unno­ticed by the bro­ker click­ing this but­ton (see pic­tures).

By default the EA clos­es orders only after the price cross­es the inter­ac­tive stop loss line and the can­dle is closed beyond the inter­ac­tive stop loss line. But if you need to save stan­dard stop loss and hide your stop loss­es from the bro­ker, change close_mode para­me­ter from CLOSEto CROSS.


Alerts with a sound sig­nal are pro­vid­ed to let the trad­er know about clos­ing the order in prop­er time. Alert informs about time of the closed order, its tick­et, close price and prof­it. If the trad­er wrong­ly drags the stop loss line on inap­pro­pri­ate lev­el, the EA will cor­rect it and send an alert. If you do not need alerts, you can dis­able them in set­tings set­ting alert para­me­ter to false.

Lan­guage of alerts cor­re­sponds to the ter­mi­nal’s lan­guage set­tings. For the Russ­ian lan­guage alerts are dis­played in Russ­ian, for Eng­lish and oth­er lan­guages — in Eng­lish.

Interactive Stop Loss 

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