Utilitie LabelKiller

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This is a plug-in indi­ca­tor for Con­trol-ado­ra that elim­i­nates all the list­ed labels when a spe­cif­ic price is reached.

Just add the indi­ca­tor to the same chart where Con­trol-ado­ra runs and place a price label named Killer at the lev­el where you want to trig­ger the label deletion.

The trig­ger will be acti­vat­ed when the price goes beyond the Killer label.

In its prop­er­ties, set the labels you wish to delete sep­a­rat­ed with com­ma, replace the default val­ues with the list of your desired labels to remove.

Please read the info about Con­trol-ado­ra to bet­ter under­stand how it works and watch its demo tuto­r­i­al video.

Also please watch the demo video about this plug-in.


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