Utilitie LevelsMarker

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Lev­els­Mark­er script builds sup­port-resis­tance lev­els at chart, where price was the most of the time.

Fol­low­ing a peri­od, when price is mov­ing in flat zone, the move­ment phase begins inevitably, and ends at the next price lev­el. Lev­els­Mark­er iden­ti­fies the most impor­tant price lev­els used by traders to trade.

The script sets the col­or of the lev­el depend­ing on the strength lev­el is grad­u­al­ly chang­ing from col­or to col­or the weak lev­els of strong lev­els.

Input para­me­ters:

  • count bars — a para­me­ter which deter­mines the depth of the his­to­ry of price analy­sis;
  • time­frame — the cal­cu­la­tion can be per­formed on the time frame oth­er than the time­frame of the chart (high­er or low­er);
  • fac­tor lev­els detail­ing — the para­me­ter which deter­mines the num­ber of lev­els in the select­ed price range, the more the val­ue, the less will be locat­ed lev­els;
  • col­or for the min­i­mum force lev­els — the col­or of the weak­est in strength lev­els on the chart depend­ing on the strength lev­el, the col­or grad­u­al­ly changes to the col­or of the strongest lev­els;
  • col­or max­i­mal strength lev­els — the col­or of the strongest lev­els;
  • thick­ness of the line lev­el — allows you to change the line thick­ness.


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