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This script con­verts the unsort­ed list of the news feeds on macro­eco­nom­ic data from the event cal­en­dars into a handy table, where:

  • Each line con­tains a sep­a­rate date;
  • Each col­umn con­tains data on a par­tic­u­lar macro­eco­nom­ic indi­ca­tor.

Emp­ty col­umn cells are filled with the pre­vi­ous val­ue.

First, the ini­tial doc­u­ment that will be con­vert­ed into the table should be pre­pared. This should be a CSV table con­tain­ing sev­en columns with the lines con­tain­ing data from an event cal­en­dar.

Column Headings

  • Date — pub­li­ca­tion date in DD.ММ.YYYY for­mat;
  • Mon­thYear — ММ.YYYY for­mat (option­al);
  • TimeHH:ММ for­mat (option­al);
  • Time ZoneGMT (option­al);
  • Cur­ren­cy — cur­ren­cy abbre­vi­a­tion of the coun­try the news are devot­ed to, for exam­ple — “USD”;
  • Descrip­tion — name of a macro­eco­nom­ic indi­ca­tor or event;
  • Pre­vi­ous — this indicator’s val­ue or the event’s out­come giv­en in the total numer­i­cal form.

The names of a source file and a final doc­u­ment should be spec­i­fied in the set­tings’ dia­log win­dow of the script. In order for the data to be processed, the source file should be pre­lim­i­nar­i­ly placed to terminal_data_directory\MQL5\Files. The final one is also gen­er­at­ed there. The code con­tains the alerts allow­ing you to see the cur­rent stage of the script. “8” alert shows that the work is com­plete and the file is ready.

The obtained table is used for mul­ti­ple regres­sion analy­sis.

After pur­chas­ing this script you receive the abil­i­ties to:

  • auto­mate the fun­da­men­tal analy­sis;
  • reveal fac­tors affect­ing the symbol’s prices using sta­tis­tics pro­cess­ing soft­ware (Sta­tis­ti­ca).

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