Utilitie ManualPositionSupporter

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  • For man­u­al posi­tion opened by you, ensures the ben­e­fit of the tar­get, and then start trail­ing stop.
  • Has improved usabil­i­ty by dis­play­ing the BreakEven, Trail­ingStop para­me­ters as a hor­i­zon­tal line.
  • If there are mul­ti­ple posi­tions on the chart, it draws BreakEven line and Trail­ingStop line for each posi­tion.
  • You can set the rough­ness of the trail­ing (1pips unit, 10pips units).
  • If you set the BreakEven para­me­ter to 0, it will be the move­ment of a nor­mal trail­ing stop.


  • BreakEven ” prof­it pips to tar­get (default 10)
  • BreakEven­Col­or ” BreakEven hor­i­zon­tal line col­or (default Aqua)
  • Trail­ingStop ” pips to trail­ing from the cur­rent price (default 10)
  • Trail­ingStop­Col­or ” Trail­ingStop hor­i­zon­tal line col­or (default Deep­Pink)
  • Dig­itsMi­nus ” rough­ness of the BreakEven and Trail­ingStop (Default 0). If you set 0, it oper­ates in 1pips unit. If you set to 1, it oper­ates in 10pips units (in this case, BreakEven and Trail­ingStop para­me­ters should be a mul­ti­ple of 10).
  • dis­play­Mode ” if you want to dis­play the para­me­ter in the upper left cor­ner of the screen, set to  (default 1).


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