Utilitie Market and Trade Info Demo

Buy Market and Trade Info Demo trading application in the store of automated robot systems

The Mar­ket and Trade Info util­i­ty allows you to con­trol all the nec­es­sary mar­ket and trad­ing para­me­ters. The demo ver­sion works as a script.

It Shows the Following Information:

  • Allowed lot (min­i­mum, maximum).
  • Free mar­gin, the mar­gin for open­ing one lot.
  • Val­ue of one point in the deposit currency.
  • Lever­age used for open positions.
  • Lever­age required for open­ing pend­ing orders.
  • Fix­ing the spread (min­i­mum, the cur­rent val­ue, maximum).
  • Prof­it of Take­prof­it and result of Sto­ploss for open orders (in the deposit cur­ren­cy, as a per­cent­age of the account balance).
  • Num­ber of points before the mar­ket posi­tion is closed.
  • The result of the last deal (in the deposit cur­ren­cy, as a per­cent­age of the account balance).

Additional Features:

  • Labels on the chart at the lev­els of pend­ing orders to con­trol slip­page of deals exe­cut­ed by the broker.
  • Noti­fi­ca­tion at MetaQuotes ID of open­ing, move to breakeven, clo­sure of mar­ket orders, with para­me­ters (price, size, type, time, result).
  • Sound indi­ca­tion of events (open­ing, move to breakeven, closure).

An exam­ple of noti­fi­ca­tion at MetaQuotes ID:

123456 — Cliv­er Mike: Cl EURUSD L14.37 T1 1.34271 840.42 USD T21:53

Abbre­vi­a­tions are used in noti­fi­ca­tions for bet­ter dis­play in the mes­sage list, where:

  • 123456 — account number.
  • Cliv­er Mike — the name of the account owner.
  • Cl — event (Op — open, Cl — close, VNoll — move to breakeven).
  • EURUSD — the cur­ren­cy of the opened or closed mar­ket order.
  • L14.37 — lot size, in this case 14.37.
  • T1 — direc­tion of the order (0 — buy, 1 — sell).
  • 1.34271 — the quote of the open or closed order.
  • 840.42 USD — the result of the deal in the deposit currency.
  • T21:53 — time of the event (ter­mi­nal time).


  • Graph­Mark — enable order labels on the chart.
  • Noti­fi­ca­tion — enable send­ing of noti­fi­ca­tions of deals to MetaQuotes ID (indi­cate your ID in the ter­mi­nal settings).
  • Col­or — the col­or of the dis­played text.
  • Size — the size of the dis­played text.
  • Font — the font of the text.

Market and Trade Info Demo 

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