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Mar­ket Patroller is a tool designed as an indi­ca­tor that allows you to review a list of as many instru­ments as you want and select those that could give you a trade oppor­tu­ni­ty.

It com­bines the pos­si­bil­i­ty to watch in detail each instru­ment with all the screen space that you need but with the com­fort of be capa­ble to mon­i­tor lat­er, mul­ti­ple instru­ments trough a “hot list” of oppor­tu­ni­ties at the same time.

Easy to use:

Install the Mar­ket­Pa­troller on one chart (this will be your detailed analy­sis chart) to mon­i­tor all the instru­ments in your list, by switch­ing between them with sim­ple “pre­vi­ous («)” and “next (»)” but­tons.

Ana­lyze them and each time you find an oppor­tu­ni­ty near, you can send this chart with all its trend lines, arrows, shapes, fibos, etc to a “fol­low-up” chart.

You can set as many fol­low up charts as you want, and each one of them can have an expert advi­sor and/or a set of tech­ni­cal indi­ca­tors pre-installed and they will con­tin­ue work­ing with­out any prob­lems.

Once you fin­ished your “mar­ket patrolling” you can min­i­mize the detailed analy­sis chart and watch fol­low up charts tile orga­nized.


In an emp­ty Pro­file, set a Tem­plate in your plat­form to include the indicator(s) and/or expert that you nor­mal­ly use

Open as much charts as you usu­al­ly need to give a close fol­lowup of oppor­tu­ni­ties in the mar­ket (no mat­ter the time frame or instru­ment) and apply the tem­plate you designed.

Open one more chart (this will be the detailed analy­sis chart) and add Mar­ket­Pa­troller on it

Press the Set Charts but­ton in the top of your chart with Mar­ket­Pa­troller. A series of green but­tons will appear in the rest of the charts. If there are some chart that you want to use for any­thing dif­fer­ent than as oppor­tu­ni­ties fol­lowup delete the green but­ton from it.

Once you have fin­ished the selec­tion process press the “Done” but­ton in the chart with Mar­ket­Pa­troller.

To cus­tomize your set of instru­ments (pairs) to watch: go to File>Open Data Fold­er and in the Win­dow’s explor­er turn to MQL4\Files\MarketPatroller\.

In there dou­ble click on the file that starts with Pair and add and/or remove the pairs until you end up with the list of instru­ment that you want to look for oppor­tu­ni­ties (write one per row). After you have your desired list, save the file, close the file and the Win­dow’s explor­er and con­tin­ue work­ing with the Mar­ket­Pa­troller in the MT4 plat­form.

When you want to change the next instru­ment in the list press the but­ton “»” if you want to get back to the pre­vi­ous press “«”.

Analyse your instru­ments in all details with the chart max­i­mized and when you see some inter­est­ing set­ting about to be usable press the green but­ton “Fol­low”, this will copy the chart into one of fol­lowup charts.

Fol­lowup charts are used in the order that appear in the bot­tom of your plat­form.

Once you are done, min­i­mize the analy­sis chart (the one with the Mar­ket­Pa­troller) and press the Tile but­ton on the plat­form to make a mosa­ic of fol­lowup charts.

And that is all.

You can cus­tomize the sound that Mar­ket Patroller makes when press the “Fol­low” but­ton  and the dis­tance between the extremes of the chart and the Mar­ket Patroller but­tons in the Input’s tab into the indi­ca­tor’s prop­er­ties win­dow.

Please watch the demo tuto­r­i­al video includ­ed in this page to bet­ter under­stand how the Mar­ket­Pa­troller works and how to use it.

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