Utilitie MetaChat

Buy MetaChat trading application in the store of automated robot systems

MetaChat is a mes­sag­ing script that allows you to eas­i­ly con­nect with your fam­i­ly, friends and trad­ing part­ners across coun­tries straight from your MetaTrader4 plat­form.

Why use MetaChat?

  • One time sub­scrip­tion : Sub­scribe once and get the script work for you for life­time.
  • Instant mes­sag­ing straight from your ter­mi­nal: Instead of open­ing sep­a­rate mes­sag­ing app while trad­ing, you can now sim­ply send the mes­sage right from your ter­mi­nal.
  • Light Cod­ing: Lighter cod­ing makes your script use lit­tle resource and makes ter­mi­nal work flaw­less­ly.
  • Deliv­ery Report: Let you be informed that whether the mes­sage is deliv­ered to your recip­i­ent or not.
  • Reply Option: Click on the sender name and type your mes­sage for an instant reply.
  • Alert Option: Get mes­sage alert for your new mes­sages.
  • Auto Sync: On/Off the auto sync but­ton to silent your script for Do Not Dis­turb Ser­vice.
  • No Reg­is­tra­tion: No signup and sign in process. Sim­ply send the mes­sage using Account num­ber.

* Add mrgn-metachat.appspot.com to your Expert Advi­sors -> Allow WebRe­quest for list­ed URL list.

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Send­ing a Mes­sage

  • Enter Recip­i­ent Account Num­ber and Enter the mes­sage.
  • Click Send But­ton or dou­ble Click Enter key to send mes­sage.
  • Once the mes­sage is suc­cess­ful­ly deliv­ered to recip­i­ent address, [D] sym­bol will shown after the sender name.

Start/Stop Receiv­ing Mes­sages

  • Click on ON/OFF but­ton to start sync­ing for new mes­sages

Instant Reply

  • Click on the sender’s name and start typ­ing the mes­sage.
  • Click Send But­ton or Dou­ble click Enter key to send mes­sage instant­ly.

Mes­sage Alert

  • Click on Alert But­ton to start or stop alert ser­vice.

Exit But­ton

  • Click on Exit But­ton to exit the script.


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  1. Hi,
    We have pur­chased MetaChat for $15.00 with 5 acti­va­tions.

    What is meant with “5 acti­va­tions”?

    1. Can I install this on a 2nd of my com­put­ers, with­out hav­ing to pur­chase this again?
    2. Where do I get the pro­gram to install on the 2nd com­put­er?
    3. Will these 2 com­put­ers be able to com­mu­ni­cate via MetaChat using the same license key if i am using dif­fer­ent accounts on the 2 com­put­ers?

    Await­ing your soon response.

    Kind regards,


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