Utilitie Open BUY with magic

Buy Open BUY with magic trading application in the store of automated robot systems

Open BUY with mag­ic ” script for using Expert Advi­sors in trad­ing. It allows you to open orders hav­ing cer­tain mag­ic num­bers, so that an EA is able to dis­tin­guish them from the rest.


  • lots ” posi­tion volume;
  • tpPOINT ” num­ber of take prof­it points;
  • slPOINT ” num­ber of stop loss points;
  • Mag­ic ” posi­tion’s mag­ic number.

The rel­e­vant posi­tions are opened after the nec­es­sary para­me­ters are set.

Open BUY with magic 

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